Trick Gum – “Tim Dillon” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to share the latest music video from Trick Gum (comprised of Justin Raisen and Jordan Benik) for their new single called “Tim Dillon.” The song takes its inspiration from comedian Tim Dillon, and as Raisen shared, “As far as the ‘Tim Dillon’ video goes, besides being the one of the funniest comedians on the planet, we also wanted to see him look like Jagger.” I was also able to get more insight from Trick Gum in a short interview below.

Are you guys big Tim Dillon fans? What is it about his message that resonates with you guys?

Jordan Benik: Tim Dillon is the Cincinnatus of our time. He has the best ad reads in the biz. We love Tim because he isn’t afraid to call out the fascist fiction-driven failure that is today’s USA, and because he refuses to lick any boots…while simultaneously being quite open about being willing to lick any boot for the right price. So I guess we just love his honesty.

Justin Raisen: Yeah, for me it’s like vicarious therapy. I wouldn’t have a job if I shared 5 % of the things I think. Tim does it for me so I can hide behind a curtain in a shitty “Slick Rubin wizard suit.”

The video is super fun and contains clips from Dillon’s show. What was the process like making the music video and how does it convey the message of the track itself?

Jordan Benik: It’s a bunch of Tim Dillon clips, and the song’s called ‘Tim Dillon.’ Just kind of like a desperate reach / stolen valor kind of thing, trying to squeeze a few views out of something truly great (The Tim Dillon show) for relevancy with the young dad crowd, because the kids are all dolphins now. And that’s good, cuz dolphins are smart. I dunno, we thought it would be the Milady thing to do. Plus who knows, might be time to drag the old carcass of rock’n’roll out one more time and we could be like the Mooney Suzuki or something. 

Justin Raisen: Shit. Dolphins are smart? Who are the Mooney Suzuki? 

You guys got your start writing music in New York and then moved to LA – what was the move like and what differences are there, if any, between the music scenes on each coast?

Jordan Benik: New York is good food and full of people who really love art and fun. Los Angeles is a dystopian wasteland quickly drying up in the hot sun and driven by narcissism. So I guess you could say we love both places. Truly.

Justin Raisen: I used to shop at wasteland till I realized I’d rather go watch the Dodgers in soccer shorts. The Dodgers are my favorite thing about LA along with the Cat and Fiddle Restaurant, but the Mets will always have my heart. Daryl Strawberry, dog!