Bring Me the Horizon’s Second Base Tour at MECU in Baltimore

Having already come through the northeast this past winter on its First Love Tour, Bring Me the Horizon return with their Second Base Tour. The band recently played the MECU at Baltimore’s inner harbor — an outdoor venue whose seats are under a sail-like cover and whose standing section became a vacant mud pit in Saturday’s rain. The weather did not prevent the fans from enjoying the show, which skated across several music genres.

You’ll find a photo gallery from the evening and more thoughts about the show, below.

The show opened with Scarlxrd, a British rapper who utilizes a mix of trap and metal elements to his sound. He later returned to the stage for BMTH’s “Antivist.”

Ollie Sykes and company brought a different set design and slightly different setlist to this tour—the First Love Tour was performed atop a steel grated stage, lit from below with minimal backdrop. This tour has the band members moving around and up a flight of stairs so they can stand atop a wall of screens made to look like speakers. After the release of the band’s latest album, Amo, fans were tentative to see how the band’s setlist would utilize such a variety of musical influences, but the post-apocalyptic scene with the occasional trifecta of dancers, worked well.

BMTH wove old and new sounds together very well and fans enjoyed the set despite the rain. Weather and venue be damned, Sykes usually prompts fans for a circle pit during “The House of Wolves,” but he conceded, “well, how about an oval then?”

Jackie Cular
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