Andy From Fall Out Boy Drumming in Sect

Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy is also playing in a band called Sect. They’ve posted three songs up on Bandcamp and will be releasing their debut album on August 5th via Deathwish. Noisey has more details on the band:

Comprised of [Chris] Colohan on vocals, James Chang and Scott Crouse on guitar, Ian Edwards on bass, and drummer Andrew Hurley, Sect rips and roars, chugs and stomps, and generally just fucking shreds. Colohan’s caustic vocals are instantly recognizable, all sneer and snarl, and the unexpected shards of melody studding the otherwise cutthroat template of tracks like “Sinking” add a darker, moodier dimension to the short, sharp hardcore shocks of songs like “Scourge of Empire” and “Death Dealer.”