Lady Gaga’s Startup Backplane Selling Assets

Lady Gaga

Josh Constine, writing for TechCrunch, on Lady Gaga’s startup, Backplane, selling its assets:

Founded in 2011, Backplane raised a Series A of $12.1 million in 2012 from the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Sequoia, Google Ventures, Founders Fund, SV Angel, Greylock, Menlo Ventures, Formation 8 and Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures all poured money in at around a $40 million valuation. That was despite basically just being a fan site for Lady Gaga with hopes of launching social networks for brands. It eventually raised $5 million more.

‘Nondescript Pop Punk Band Dropkicks a Girl Off Stage’

Alex Young, writing for Consequence of Sound, after Parker Cannon of The Story So Far kicked a fan in the back over the weekend:

Over the weekend, the band’s desperation for relevancy reached a boiling point, as lead singer Cannon decided it would be super badass to dropkick a female in the back. The female fan had climbed onstage during the band’s encore, seemingly with the intention of taking a selfie, which is pretty douchy thing to do. But no where near as douchy as potentially paralyzing a person by kicking them in the spine so that they fall off stage. It’s the type of dumb shit one would do in high school — or, as member of a pop punk band whose target fanbase matured a decade ago.

And from Emma Garland, at Noisey:

The flippancy with which Cannon acts so aggressively towards a young female fan who is literally funding his excuse to be on stage in the first place – despite the fact that he spends every night shouting “think about who you let between your thighs” and “I know where you’ve been / You’re ruining men” into a mic – is fucking gross. Yes, taking selfies onstage is probably quite annoying, but as a grown ass adult it’s your responsibility to handle it A) reasonably and B) not like a piece of shit.

Warped Tour’s going be running a full-fledged university by the time all the classes needed to teach pop-punk bros how to be decent human beings are accounted for.

HARPS – “Let Me In” (Live Studio Video)


HARPS will be releasing a remastered version of their EP, Marvelous Cheer, on vinyl via Rocket Heart Records on May 19th. Today we’ve got an exclusive live studio video of the band performing “Let Me In,” and I think the best way to describe this sound is lush, punchy, and full bodied. The plan is to bring you a new live video once a week leading up to the EP release. Head below to watch the video and if you like what you hear make sure to pre-order the album.

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Review: Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

Sturgill Simpson - A Sailors Guide to Earth

I’d go out on a limb and say that, lately, country music has been as healthy and vibrant as it has been in years. Whether thanks to buzz-boosting late night TV appearances for up-and-coming artists, extra interest from music publications, or some of the most intriguing CMA and ACM winner lists…ever, country music seems to be worming its way more and more into the consciousness of music listeners everywhere. Fewer people are taking the “I listen to everything but country” stance; more are slowly dipping their toes into the genre’s considerable depths.

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The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender


Hanah Anderson and Matt Daniels have put together the largest ever analysis of film dialog by gender: 2,000 scripts, 25,000 actors, 4 million lines.

But it’s all rhetoric and no data, which gets us nowhere in terms of having an informed discussion. How many movies are actually about men? What changes by genre, era, or box-office revenue? What circumstances generate more diversity?

To begin answering these questions, we Googled our way to 8,000 screenplays and matched each character’s lines to an actor. From there, we compiled the number of words spoken by male and female characters across roughly 2,000 films, arguably the largest undertaking of script analysis, ever.

You could spend hours exploring this page; incredible.