Hobbies, Work, and Everything Between (Encore Episode 141)

Encore 141

On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined by special guest Jacob Tender. This week we discuss AbsolutePunk.net, SpinMedia, UnderTheGun and a lot of behind the scenes chaos that plagued the music web community over the past few years. Then we move into a discussion about creating things and the balance between hobbies, work, and everything between. We look at what it’s like to create things, when to know if they’ve failed, and why it is we both feel a need to create and put things out into the world. There’s also talk about the new MacBooks with Touchbar, some thoughts on AirPods, as well as collecting media and how we track what we listen to, read, and watch.

Most Anticipated of 2017 (Encore Episode 140)

Encore 140

On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined by special guest Deanna Chapman. The main topic this week is all about our most anticipated albums of 2017. What made the list and what did we decide to leave off? Do we really have to mention Brand New … again? We also talk about movies we are looking forward to, discuss music on TV shows, and nerd out about comic books a little bit.

Best of 2016 & Rogue One (Encore Episode 139)

Encore 139

This week’s super sized episode of Encore features a lengthy discussion about our favorite albums of 2016. We go through our top 10 and break down why those albums were important to us this year. The second half of the episode is all about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — it is filled with spoilers so you can pause if you haven’t seen it yet and come back to it later. We wanted to give you a jam packed episode for the last two weeks of the year.

Hope you enjoy and have a great holiday!

Quarter Life Crisis (Encore Episode 138)

Encore 138

This week’s episode of Encore has us making plans to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, talking a little bit about Thanksgiving, and then looking at A Day to Remember’s lawsuit, a screenplay based on The Menzingers, Brand New’s TDAG 10-year anniversary, and some listener questions about ticket scalping, Christmas/holiday music, and our favorite holiday cover songs.

Scale of Loneliness (Encore Episode 137)

This week’s episode of Encore looks at a variety of listener questions, things like: favorite music for road trips, recent albums we think may end up being classics, and music we turn to for the specific moods we may be in. We also talk about new music from Japandroids and The Menzingers and our desire to listen to something “new” versus falling back on old favorites. We’ve also got a contest to win the new book from Laura Jane Grace, and Thomas gives details on that in the middle of this episode.

Thanks for listening!

Fall Albums (Encore Episode 136)

Encore 136

On this episode of Encore, Thomas and I break down some of their favorite “fall albums.” What makes an album a fall album? Why did we pick what we did? And what other habits do we have when the weather gets cold? We also talk a little about Yellowcard’s final show, Laura Jane Grace’s upcoming book, and our usual shenanigans. We’d love to hear from you about what albums you listen to as the weather gets cold, so hit the little quote bubble on this post to jump to the forums and discuss!

It’s Been Too Long (Encore Episode 134)

Encore 134

It’s been a few weeks since Thomas and I have sat down and talked, so we really enjoyed catching up on this episode of Encore. There’s some talk about new Apple products, AirPods, Apple Watches, and then a lengthy talk about seeing Blink-182 live and all the bands that opened for them on their recent tour. We end with a bunch of really fun listener questions about albums, music, life, an and had a blast trying to decide what band we’d want to see if we could travel anywhere in the world. This is a fun one.

Goodbye, Yellowcard (Encore Episode 133)

Encore 133

On this week’s episode of Encore I bring in special guest Craig Manning to discuss the final Yellowcard album and say goodbye to the band. Yellowcard have been a part of the formative years of our lives, and on September 30th they will release their last album. We discuss what the band’s meant to us, our favorites in their catalog, and then go track-by-track through the new album to talk about we like, don’t like, and how it stacks up with the rest of their discography. I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to miss this band quite a bit.

A Back-Up Thomas (Encore Episode 132)

Encore - 132

This week’s episode of Encore is with special guest Deanna Chapman. (Thomas is on vacation and watching football games and stuff.) On this episode we talk about how the music scene has changed over the years and what first drew us to it. I’m always curious about what brought other people into this music scene, how it differs today, and the role technology and social media has played in shaping it. We also talk about Batman: The Animated Series, some of our favorite apps, Apple Music/Spotify/Bandcamp, and other fun stuff.

As always, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.

Forgotten Free Time (Encore Episode 131)

This week’s episode of Encore has us discussing what we think is the best way to “roll out” an album. What should bands do to maximize the hype and avoid being too overexposed? We also tackle the idea of “free time” and what it means to us as we get a little older. How do we decide what to do with those precious few hours and decide between playing video games, listening to podcasts, or reading a book? The answer is never easy. We also touch a little on Thomas seeing Blink-182 and The Menzingers’ live, new music from Jimmy Eat World, Every Time I Die, and American Football, and I guess college football is coming back and people are excited.

Also, we have released another bonus episode for supporters where we discuss our top three breakfast foods. Supporters can find that in the supporter forum.

Planes Fly Fast (Encore Episode 130)

This week’s podcast finds the hosts talking about traveling and the routines related to flying. We discuss (as spoiler free as possible) ‘Stranger Things,’ we gush about the new The Menzingers’ song, and we talk about Green Day’s new one as well. We also talk about looking up tour dates, song lyrics, and what bands may end up standing the test of time and why. We finish up with some Olympics talk. Because OLYMPICS!

Background Music Monsters (Encore Episode 129)

This week’s main topic of Encore is focused on when we listen to music, and specifically: background music. Do we listen to music in the background while working? What about while doing other activities? What kind of music? What genres? Can we watch TV while working in the background? When do we listen to podcasts? And on top of that there’s talk about music’s role in our lives as we get older and grow up. What role does music have in our lives now? We also discuss some follow-up about last week’s Blink-182 episode, My Chemical Romance teasing things, Pokémon Go, and much more.

Also, we tease a special supporter bonus episode that is all about our “Top 3” pizza toppings and drinks. Supporters: that is now up in your awesome thread.

I Have Takes That Need to Be Heard (Encore Episode 128)

This week’s episode of Encore is all about Blink-182 and their new album California. Thomas kinda really hates it. I like it more. We discuss our history with the band, what we think about the songs, why I’m more positive on the album and the “feel” it gives off, and why Thomas thinks it’s super boring. We also have some talk about Snapchat and the NBA making us excited and sad all at the same time. These are the episodes that are a lot of fun to do — I like when we disagree.

Best of 2016 … So Far (Encore Episode 127)

This week’s episode of Encore looks at our favorite albums so far from 2016. Next week we’ll be posting our contributor and moderator list feature, but, before that you can hear your favorite podcast hosts explain what albums they like the best and how they came up with their very scientific lists. We also talk about beer, the NBA finals, Yellowcard saying goodbye, Paramore, Every Time I Die, Eisley, and a little about Blink-182 (but expect much more on that album in the next episode).

We’d love to hear what albums you’ve been enjoying this year as well, so please hit the the little quote bubble to join us in the forums and let us know. Also, feel free to leave any questions you’d like us to tackle in future episodes. Thanks to everyone who listens.

It’s Been a Good Two Weeks (Encore Episode 126)

This week’s episode of Encore looks at a lot of the music that’s come out in the past few weeks, specifically: The Hotelier, PUP, Thrice, and Saosin. We also look at the new music from Descendents, Sum 41, Yellowcard, and A Day to Remember. Plus, there’s a nice tangent all about Less Than Jake, because those guys are still somehow not given enough credit for how awesome they are. This is a fun one! We hope you like it.

I Too Am A Nightmare (Encore Episode 125)

The obvious topic this week is a look at Brand New’s new single “I Am a Nightmare.” Do we like it? Where does it fit in the band’s discography? Has Thomas finally come around on Daisy? It’s Brand New, so of course we’re talking about it for a while. We also spend some time talking about the new Chorus logo, the (great) Riot Fest lineup, and how Bandcamp has figured out a sustainable business model. We end by talking a little about what defunct pop-punk band we think we’d most like to come back for the summer. As always, thank you for listening!

Advance Music Culture (Encore Episode 124)

This week’s episode of Encore looks at “advance music culture” and what the expectations are for music bloggers that get sent music in advance. Has the music press become too “braggy”? Does talking about an album too much ruin the album for fans by building up expectations too high? What about bands that don’t want anyone to “hype” up their albums? Alongside the main topic we talk about Captan America: Civil War, Radiohead, Modern Baseball, and answer a few listener questions as well. You’ll find all the download and subscription information below, and, as always — thanks for listening.

Bored to Death (Encore Episode 123)

Encore 123

This week’s episode of Encore spends a lot of time talking about all of the Blink-182 news over the past week. We talk about the band’s new song, their new album, the entire thing about the song going up a day early and what happened there, and the band’s massive upcoming tour. We also talk a little about the new Drake album, answer a couple of listener questions, and, of course, talk about beer and basketball as well. You can find all the information to stream and/or download the episode below. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Song Clip Fiasco (Encore Episode 122)

Encore 122

On this week’s episode of Encore we mourn the passing of Prince, discuss Beyoncé’s surprise album release and look how perfect the marketing behind this roll out seemed to be, and try and predict what the new Blink-182 song you’ve all heard would sound like three days early. We discuss Bayside’s new album, The Hotelier releasing a new song, and then tackle some listener questions. We discuss the “image” of bands, our favorite vinyl, how we read websites and why, and then debate if we can declare that emo has been “revived.”