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There Will Be a Quiz (Episode 104)

This week’s episode of Encore tackles world building in movies and where it works (Star Wars, Marvel, etc.) and where it fails (Spectre). We talk quite a bit about Star Wars in this one — spurred by a certain someone live tweeting their first viewing of the series mere minutes before we started recording. We also look at the death of Cobra Starship, Brand New recording, and answer a variety of listener topics: how often we go to shows, do we play instruments, should Blink-182 re-record old music with Matt Skiba, is pop-punk trying too hard, did pop-punk rule the world this year, what is up with cassette tapes, what do we think of @FutureAltPress, do our significant others shape our musical tastes, more Star Wars, and what happened to the very, very old versions of this website. We hope you like this one, thanks for spending an evening with us. You’ll find show notes, ways to subscribe, and links to stream and/or downloaded this episode in the replies.

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Show Notes

  • Encore shirts are shipping now. Thanks again to everyone who picked one up! Tag us in a photo wearing your shirt please.
  • Follow-up:
    • We both saw the new James Bond movie, Spectre, and were not impressed.
    • Jason didn’t know how to pronounce Flo Rida’s name. Senior citizens, am I right or am I right.
    • Victory Records’ music is back on Spotify and no one lost their jobs. Apparently it wasn’t ever all that serious. Perma-douche.
    • Someone asked, basically, why we like the punk side of pop-punk. Not a super easy thing to answer, tbh.
    • Apple TV stuff: Follow-up on the remote.
  • Quick news:
  • Lots of listener questions:
    • How often do we go to shows? Are there bands we go see every time they’re in town?
    • A question for Thomas about what he thought about the new Motion City Soundtrack songs when he saw them live.
    • Do either of us play a musical instrument, or did we play in the best, or did we ever want to?
    • Would we be on board with Skiba, Mark, and Travis re-recording Blink’s earlier hits from the Tom era? Like what Zebrahead recently did.
    • Are “pop-punk” bands specifically trying to hard to write music that won’t pigeonhole them, that they’re weakening their ability to write “good pop-punk”?
    • The RockSound Magazine cover about how pop-punk “ruled the world” in 2015. Lmao.
    • WTF is up with cassettes, bros?
    • As Bruce Springsteen / Gaslight Anthem fans, where do we stand on The Hold Steady?
    • What do we think of @FutureAltPress? This question was asked by James Shotwell, so we assume that James is doing a bad job of keeping the identity of @FutureAltPress a secret. It’s James.
    • What do our girlfriends listen to, and how does their taste impact our taste?
    • How does the future look for more veteran pop-punk acts like New Found Glory, Yellowcard, etc?
    • A question about the old version of AP.net (when it was a Blink fan-site) and whatever happened to the old layout of the site.
  • JT Recommends: Ant-Man, iZombie and The 100 on Netflix now, Master of None, Against Me!’s live album (23 Live Sex Acts), Julien Baker’s Sprained Ankle and read the interview from Aaron on the website.
  • TN Recommends: I actually didn’t really have anything to recommend when we recorded, but if you’re actually reading this far into the show notes, check out Bill Simmons’ podcast with Malcolm Gladwell.

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