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Very Bowl of You (Episode 107)

This week’s episode of Encore has Thomas working in as many puns as possible to the show now. On this week’s episode we talk about the idea of banning cell-phones from shows using a new service called Yondr, our thoughts on the new versions of Brand New’s Leaked Demos 2006 (Note: This was recorded before #nobodymovesgate), speculation on why Sal Villanueva never produced more albums, Mailbox shutting down and what our email solution will be going forward, the semi-return of Set Your Goals, and Facebook selling concert tickets. There’s (of course) some basketball and Star Wars talk peppered throughout. You’ll find show notes, ways to subscribe, and links to stream and/or downloaded this episode in the replies.

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Show Notes

  • If you have not yet received your Encore shirt, PLEASE EMAIL TEESPRING. We are really sorry about this. It’s not been a great customer service experience at all.
  • Follow-up: Adele sold 1.16 million in her second week.
  • Listener questions:
    • Can Yondr become a “thing” at shows?
    • Sal Villanueva worked on two scene classics … why didn’t he produce more albums?
  • Brand New released Leaked Demos 2006. We go in-depth on our thoughts behind the release, its marketing, the music itself and more.
  • Mailbox is shutting down.
  • Set Your Goals spent a week teasing … uh … two shows?
  • Facebook is going to start selling concert tickets — and they aren’t taking a cut of the sales.
  • JT Recommends: Young in the City (Noah Gundersen’s full band for fun project, free EP), All the President’s Men (movie).
  • TN Recommends: Three Star Wars-related things. You should play Battlefront on PS4, you should read The Truce At Bakura, and you should not watch this saga in Machete Order. I propose a new order: 4, 5, 6. The prequels can get lost.

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