Review: McCafferty – Thanks. Sorry. Sure.

Mccafferty - Thanks. Sorry. Sure.

McCafferty are just the latest band to come out of the machine that is Take This To Heart Records. Their new EP, Thanks. Sorry. Sure., gives you a taste of what the band has to offer. They have a versatility that shows with each song. The band started a GoFundMe campaign in order to work on this EP before the label picked them up and the result is great. The quartet is the latest band out of the Ohio music scene, which seems to be producing some great bands lately.

“Trailer Trash” immediately grabs your attention with some shouting before the song truly comes in. From there, they hook you with lyrics like “I’m the worst of the worst,” that give a raw perspective on their thoughts and emotions. “Cut Out The Pieces” and “Daddy Long Legs” both get some acoustic guitar to start the songs. The band does a nice job of blending the acoustic aspect in with the full band sound.