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Purchasing an ad signifies your acceptance of our Terms of Sale. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

A banner ad runs on every page of this website. Each banner ad consists of an image, a link, and a descriptive sentence about the service or product. These banners are displayed on the right side of desktop browser pages and within forum threads. On mobile devices we display a text version of the banner at the top of every page and the banner image gets placement in-between our news posts (as well as within the threads of forum pages).
Sponsored News Post
Week-long sponsorships are available for our syndicated newsfeed. These sponsored posts are a way to directly promote your product or service to our audience.

This exclusive sponsorship includes:
  • A promotional post in our newsfeed at the start of the week. This can be any (within reason) approved copy and include an image, video, song stream, tour dates, and/or promotional links.
  • This post will also reach our RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans.
  • At the end of the week, we will post another item to the newsfeed thanking the feed sponsor. This will also include a brief blurb and prominent link. This post will also go out to our RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans.
  • Sponsorship is exclusive. Only one will be available per week.
Past sponsors can be viewed here.
Podcast Ad
Podcast advertisements for Encore are sold in four episode blocks.

Each podcast ad includes:
  • An ad read by a host during the episode. This is usually two to three minutes long and can be a prepared script from you or an ad-lib by the host guided by your bullet points. We can also play a clip of music and highlight any links you'd like to promote.
  • A brief thank-you at the end of the episode.
  • A prominent link at the bottom of each episode's post on this site, and in the show notes on all supported podcast players, plus a text blurb about the product or service.
  • The podcast will promoted heavily on this website Thursday - Sunday and via all of our social channels.
  • A thank you tweet to our sponsors will run from our Twitter accounts.
The podcast airs about every two weeks and past episodes can be found here.

Terms of Sale

All sales are final. Once you purchase an ad, it will be approved by within 24 hours and will begin running on your selected start date. We reserve the right to reject an ad for any reason, such as (but not limited to): billing issues, quality concerns, inappropriate, violent, sexist, or discriminatory content, and/or language. If your ad is rejected, your payment will be refunded.

Estimated performance metrics are calculated based upon past and current ad performance and do not guarantee the performance of your purchased ads. Ad viewership varies over time, and response rates will depend on the quality, content, and relevance of your ad.

Chorus may edit ad content for technical or layout conformance purposes, such as resizing images or performing minor copy edits if needed.

The price and quantity of ads sold may change at any time.


How is payment handled?

All payments are handled via Stripe, one of the leading payment processors on the internet. Your information is never stored anywhere on our servers.

What payment methods are available?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay.

Will I get a receipt?

Absolutely. It'll be sent to the email address given during purchase.

Can we put together a package combining these options for maximum exposure?

Yes. I am open to talking about putting this together. Drop me an email.

What if I have other questions?

Send me an email and I'll be happy to answer them.