Website & Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsorship Includes
  • A promotional post in our newsfeed at the start of the week (or you can pick the day during the week you'd like the post to run). This can be any approved copy and include an image, video, song stream, tour dates, and/or promotional links.
  • A text blurb with your highlighted link will appear at the top of the newsfeed all week long starting the day after the main post.
  • This same text blurb, and link, will appear at the top of every forum page for the duration of your sponsorship.
  • Your link and approved copy will appear in our weekly email newsletter.
  • Your sponsored post will appear in our main RSS feed.
  • Your sponsored post will be posted and linked to from our Twitter, Mastodon, and Facebook feeds.
  • Sponsorship is exclusive. One per week.
Estimated Audience
  • Estimated Weekly Homepage Views: 70,000-90,000
  • Estimated Weekly Page Views: 450,000
  • Social Media Followers: Over 110,000
  • Estimated Newsletter Readers: 5,000
  • Estimated RSS Feed Subscribers: 25,000
$ 300
What's the main URL you'd like to promote?
What would you like this sponsored post to be about? You can submit some bullet points for us to write a post around, or a paragraph or two of what you'd like to highlight.
We'll contact you if we have any questions.
Do you have any additional links you'd like us to make sure to include? This could be social media links, official websites, or any other URLs you'd like us to promote.
One additional link per line works best.
Do you have an image you'd like us to include with this post? Please include a link to a high-resolution version and we'll use it for the post.
If one isn't included we'll use imagery from the links you provided above.
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Terms of Sale

All sales are final. Once you purchase an ad, it will be approved by within 24 hours and will begin running on your selected start date. We reserve the right to reject an ad for any reason, such as (but not limited to): billing issues, quality concerns, inappropriate, violent, sexist, or discriminatory content, and/or language. If your ad is rejected, your payment will be refunded.

Estimated performance metrics are calculated based upon past and current ad performance and do not guarantee the performance of your purchased ads. Ad viewership varies over time, and response rates will depend on the quality, content, and relevance of your ad.

Chorus may edit ad content for technical or layout conformance purposes, such as resizing images or performing minor copy edits if needed. We provide no tracking or metrics. If you want tracking, please add valid URL query strings to your links.

The price and quantity of ads sold may change at any time.

Questions? Email us.

Display banners are sold on a CPM basis (per one thousand impressions of the ad). You choose how long you'd like the banner to run and how much you'd like to spend, and then we put your banner into rotation. All banner sizes are standard IAB sizes (970x250, 970x90, 728x90, 320x50, 320x100, 300x250, 468x60) to fit all screen sizes.

Contact us for more information or to book a campaign.