Help Support This Website

This website is supported by readers like you. Any contribution you could make is enormously appreciated; without your support I couldn't do this. If you sell a product or service and are looking to reach our audience, we also offer a variety of advertising options below. To schedule a sponsorship or for additional information, email Jason Tate.

Display Advertising

It's really simple: We offer one display ad per page on this website and there are only ten advertising slots available each month. Only a single ad will be shown for each page viewed. This means that buying a month on our website gives you an exclusive showing on 10% percent of all the pages viewed for that month across our entire site (including desktop, tablet, and mobile pages). We promise there won't be Google or other third-party ads diluting your exposure. That's the entire point here: We want your advertising to our audience to be really effective. Too many websites plaster ads all over the page and the readers simply tune it out. We believe we have a better solution: One ad per page, tastefully done, and in a way that invites the reader to pay attention to what's being offered.

We firmly believe that an ad buy on our website reaches our readers and community in an uncluttered and specific manner. This is far more valuable than awful "punch the monkey" banners rotating amongst hundreds of others and plastered over listicles and crappy content forced through the machine to drive non-engaged page views. Our goal is to provide a great value to the advertiser and a great product to our readers. What we're selling is exposure to our readers and influence. We know that if you advertise a great product, album release, or service on this website — our audience will respond and pay attention. That means you'll be happy as the advertiser, but also that our readers will be happy because they're seeing your fantastic ad. The perfect win/win scenario.

Each ad contains one image of 210 pixels wide by 140 pixels tall and allows for up to 100 characters of text to accompany the image, we believe this combination allows advertisers the best opportunity to speak to our audience.

Prices start at just $300 per month.

Feed Sponsorships

Week-long sponsorships are available for chorus.fm's syndicated newsfeed. This is the best way to directly promote your product or service to our audience. The story will appear in our news feed, RSS feed, be sent out to Twitter and Facebook, and is highly visible and specialized. This exclusive sponsorship includes:

  • A promotional "sponsored" post that will appear in our newsfeed at the start of the week. This can be any (within reason) approved copy and image you'd like and will be clearly labeled as a sponsored post. This is one of the best ways to reach our loyal audience and share your product or service. It's virtually the one unmissable ad spot we sell.
  • This post will also reach our RSS subscribers, Twitter account, and Facebook fans.
  • At the end of the week, we will post another item to the newsfeed thanking the feed sponsor. This will also include a brief blurb and prominent link.
  • Sponsorship is exclusive. Only one will be available per week.

Prices start at just $200 per sponsorship.

Podcast Sponsorships

Each episode of Encore contains up to three sponsorships, each with:

  • A live read by a host during the episode. This is usually three to four minutes long and can be a prepared script from you or an ad-lib by the host guided by your bullet points. We can also play a clip of music and highlight any links you'd like to promote.
  • A brief thank-you at the end of the episode.
  • A prominent link at the bottom of each episode's post on this site, and in the show notes on all supported podcast players, plus a text blurb about the product or service.
  • The podcast will promoted heavily on this website Thursday - Sunday and via all of our social channels (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook).
  • A thank you Tweet to our sponsors will run from our Twitter accounts.

Prices start at just $100 per sponsorship.

We also offer an exclusive six month "presenting sponsor" package that combines sponsorship reads with logo placement, pre-roll ad reads, and much more. If you're interested in being a presenting sponsor of the podcast, please get in touch.


I'm ready! How do I book?

Email us right now to book your campaign.

When do I get charged?

After booking is confirmed you will be sent an invoice that can be paid via credit card. Feed and podcast sponsorships need to be paid before they run. Display advertising has a net-30 expectation.

When do I give you my ad artwork and copy?

If you'd like to include all of that information in the first email, you can absolutely do that. Otherwise we'll make sure we get it from you before the sponsorship runs.

How is payment handled?

All payments are handled via Stripe, one of the leading payment solutions on the internet. Your information is not stored anywhere on our servers.

Can I buy a roadblock for an entire month?
Yes you can. Each month has 10 spots available for display ads.
If a month doesn't sell out are spots prorated?
Yes. Starting on the first of the month the price drops in accordance with how many days are left in the month.
Will I get a receipt?
Can I buy multiple spots for a month?
Yes you may, for either the same ad or a variety of different ones.
I want to buy multiple months, can I get a discount?

It depends what you're looking for, but I am open to talking about it. Drop me an email.

Can we put together a package combining these options for maximum exposure?

Yes. I am open to talking about putting this together. Drop me an email.

Why do you ask for payment up front?

Because it avoids ads running and having to fight to get an invoice paid. If you'd like to discuss other options, please email me.

What if I'd rather send a check or pay later?

Email me and we can try and work something out.

Is this first come first serve?
Yep. After payment is accepted that spot is booked.
What if I have other questions?