Adam Lytle – “Seeds of Joy” (Song Premiere)

Seeds of Joy

Today I’m so excited to share with everyone the latest single from singer-songwriter, Adam Lytle, called “Seeds of Joy.” On this third single from his upcoming LP, This is the Fire, out everywhere music is sold on October 20th, Lytle channels the best parts of darker pop with a voice as powerful as Leonard Cohen and Brian Fallon. When discussing the origins of the latest song, Lytle shared:

In the fall of 2021, my friend Eva (Nighttime) had asked me to record some piano on her song “Keeper is The Heart.” While working out my part for that song, I stumbled on the melody that would become the centerpiece of “Seeds of Joy. I worked on the song for a year after. Filling notebooks with free-written lyrics. Extracting a line here and a word there; combining seemingly disconnected fragments into a mosaic that felt reflective of life’s complexity. The recording features an “ocean of strings” arranged by Trey Pollard that offers a gorgeous perspective on the lyrics while Ryan Jewell’s drums give the song wings. Jonathan Schenke brought it all together in the mix; making additional arrangement decisions that emphasize the surrealistic journey.

If you’re enjoying the early listen to the track, please consider pre-ordering This is the Fire here.

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Gert Taberner – “Tourist” (Video Premiere)

Gert Taberner

Today I’m excited to introduce everyone to Gert Taberner, an ultra-talented singer-songwriter who is releasing his new single and video for “Tourist.” Gert showcases relatable vulnerability and has the ability to connect people to his music in both an authentic and comforting fashion. On this latest single, Taberner shared, “I wrote ‘Tourist’ about my journey providing end-of-life care for my mother when she passed away after a long bout with a terminal illness. The process of providing care to the person who raised you really messes with your head. It feels like any decision you make comes with a life-or-death asterisk, something that I definitely wasn’t prepared to deal with. You’re constantly getting things wrong, and even when you’re getting them right, it doesn’t feel much better, and frankly, any form of joy in that time felt like a bittersweet act of defiance with regard to the clearly pre-defined outcome that a diagnosis like hers entailed. Getting this one right while writing felt like an exercise in holding space for both sides, the morbid and the joyful, and where they intersect.” If you’re enjoying the early listen, more music will be coming soon from Gert Taberner when he releases his new EP If We Kept On Trying later on this year.

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Decant – “Passing” (Song Premiere)


Today is a great day to share the latest single from dark pop band, Decant, called “Passing.” The single is a captivating and emotionally-charged track that delves into the intricate interplay between love’s turmoil and the struggles arising from substance use. With its hauntingly beautiful intro, dark electronic beat, and elevating chorus, the song encapsulates heavy emotions within its melodies and lyrics. Lead vocalist Freddie Bytheway shared, “The name speaks to the passing of life, but also the feeling of passing for what you are not. It is about how existence is contradiction. I remember as a kid often hearing the expression, a blessing in disguise, I was fascinated by the relationship between what we experience and how we interpret it. For me this song is about addiction and how love can be as addictive as any drug.” The band also collectively dedicated the single to, “the life and legacy of Corey Budke, and all of those we have lost too soon.” If you’re enjoying the early listen to this incredibly moving new track, you can pre-save it here.

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Interview: Powfu


This past week I was able to connect with Canadian rapper/artist, Powfu, to discuss his newly announced LP Gathered By The Lantern. I also asked him about his breakthrough single, “Deathbed (Coffee for your head)” that featured Beabadoobee, his upcoming touring plans and what keeps him motivated as an artist. Powfu will be embarking on a European tour soon.

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Ursa Major Revelation – “Big Baby” (Video Premiere)

Ursa Major Revelation

Today I’m excited to introduce everyone to Ursa Major Revelation, and their new single/video for “Big Baby.” The band is Ursula Rose (vocals) and Dylan Rau (production/guitar) and you may remember Rau’s name from his work in the indie rock band, Bear Hands. The title track from their forthcoming EP is a glowing mix of memorable sounds that mesh well over Rose’s breathtaking vocal performance. While speaking on their new EP, Rose shared:

By the time I turned 30, I had a major revelation. I looked back on my life and saw a map. My life was a map of the men I have loved. Some of them were pretty cool, others less so. I let the map guide me through the creation of three songs, one for each of the major loves of my life. Dylan Rau made these instrumentals in various west coast closets and I wrote most of the vocals at an Airbnb in Joshua Tree. Additional recording was completed at a fishing cabin on the Oregon Coast. The songs feature production and mixing from dear friend and colleague Chris Chu (The Morning Benders, Pop ETC). Original artwork for each single by my grandmother Sara January Price.

I was also able to catch up with this talented band for an interview below.

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Juniper Honey – “Another Morning” (Song Premiere)

Juniper Honey

Today is a great day to share the newest single from California indie rock band, Juniper Honey, called “Another Morning.” The track uses top-notch lyricism paired with energetic instrumentals to highlight the deeply-intimate connection that unites and exhausts us all. With a laid-back blend of sounds that reflect the essence of the Central Coast, slacker rock scene, the single offers a musical escape for anyone seeking solace and resonance. Juniper Honey is Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar), Donovan Hess (drums), Cason LeSueur (guitar) and Josh West (bass), and their band chemistry pays off on electric songs like this. Hesse shared, I wrote this song when I was feeling overworked and stressed with thoughts of what I was going to do with my life. This song feels very near and dear to me, not only am I proud of where it has landed as a song, but it is one of the first songs that I truly feel has pointed me toward a songwriting direction that I am really excited for.” If you’re enjoying the latest single from Juniper Honey, you can pre-save the single here.

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Rank It All! Or Did I Just Create a Monster?

Rank Everything

If there’s one thing we like to do around here, it’s rank things.

From our End of the Year lists to the countless albums/sports/food rankings in the forums, it’s just a tradition at this point. When the conversation dies down, break out a ranking.

The other night, I was lying in bed thinking about the “bias sorter” going around Tumblr in 2018. It originated, I believe, as a way for people to rank their favorite K-pop bands. I’d been using it for the past few years to start my end of the year album rankings. It’s an excellent way to review a list and decide what you like more: A or B. But the problem is that it’s a pain to use. You need to enter each item individually, click enter after each one, and then go through the ranking process. And after you’re done, there’s no good way to do it again without manually re-entering all those items. I started wondering if I could put something together that would let me input any size list of things I wanted, and then it could present them to me one at a time to pick from and give me a final ranking.

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Careful – “I Don’t Mind” (Song Premiere)


Today is a great day to share the latest single from art-pop solo project, Careful, called “I Don’t Mind.” Careful comes from the mind of multi-instrumentalist Eric Lindley, and he weaves a tangled web of musical landscapes similar to established artists like Mitski and Surfjan Stevens. Lindley shared, “For the sound of the song, I tried to keep a wide distance between the two moods: a very private, dry sound that really felt bare and alone for the “sad” parts, and a more soaring feel for the others—like you could hear Beyoncé or Adele singing the vocal, but the backing is closer to the digital decay of Crystal Castles.” If you’re enjoying this latest single from Careful, his full EP will be released on September 22nd called Promise / Practice.

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Zach Berkman – “Alone” (Song Premiere)

Zach Berkman

Today I’m so excited to share with everyone the latest single from ultra-talented singer-songwriter Zach Berkman, called “Alone.” With a rustic sound that fits well within the realm of Surfjan Stevens, paired with the vivid musical storytelling of Bruce Springsteen, Zach Berkman could be your next favorite artist. The song tackles the theme of a crumbling relationship, where Zach noticed that things were quickly slipping away. He shared:

”Alone” came along at the beginning of the end of a relationship, just when I knew I could feel something slipping away and when I still hoped I could fix it. The verses describe a crumbling house as a metaphor for a crumbling love. The crooked pictures and fading marks of a thing untended. I thought about my grandparent’s old farmhouse where we made these recordings, left dusty and in disrepair for so long then restored and renewed,  and I wondered whether you could do that with people. I know that when I wrote the song, the chorus was meant to be sung to someone else. It’s all in the second person, but I hear and sing those lyrics now as directed to self. The repeats of the title are at once mantra, warning, and a facing of fear. If we can’t reconcile our differences, we will end up Alone.

If you’re enjoying this latest single, you’ll be happy to know that Zach Berkman’s new album has been announced for release on November 10th via Brooklyn Basement Records, and it is called The Heart Of.

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