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I’m a writer, music enthusiast, web-developer, typography geek, and a coffee and beer snob. Around 1996 I created — a music community to discuss under-appreciated music I loved. Over the next few years, it got popular. Then it got really popular. The goal of the website was to introduce people to new music and provide a community for people to discuss artists not often heard in the mainstream. Oh, and for me to whine and moan about things I felt like to a chorus of “why is this news!?” posts.

In 2004, I (sold-out and) sold the company to a large media corporation. My passion turned into a job and I drudged through the next few years frustrated. For a while I thought about walking away from the internet and finding what many consider a “real job.” However, I found that my passion for music, technology, and a slightly off centered pop-culture remained. So, I decided to roll the dice and build I hope for this to be a platform to write and share my passions with others. And while I hope the main site can become that outlet, I also want to continue my vision of a community for music-fans looking to connect with kindred spirits.

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