Eric Leaves Turnover for the “Foreseeable Future”

Turnover have announced that Eric has left the band for the “foreseeable future.” They posted the following on Facebook:

Many of you have noticed Eric’s recent absence from the band and we wanted to take a minute to address it before we start sharing new music.

Eric has left the band for the foreseeable future to address personal issues, and has been receiving professional counseling related to his personal relationships and emotional abuse allegations made against him. The band agreed this was the best course of action to accept responsibility for this behavior and to help Eric make personal changes in how he manages his interpersonal relationships.

We are sorry for not addressing this publicly earlier on. We wanted to address the issue directly with Eric in a private space but now realize this wasn’t the right way to go about things. We stand with victims of abuse – always. We are working hard to find real solutions to these issues that force all people in these situations to address their actions and to accept accountability and responsibility for them.


‘Watchmen’ TV Series From Damon Lindelof in the Works

The Hollywood Reporter:

Fresh off of critical favorite The Leftovers, Damon Lindelof is in talks for a potential Watchmen TV series for HBO. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the project is in the early development stages. An official deal is not yet in place. Representatives for HBO and producers Warner Bros. Television declined comment.

While I do think this is better suited for the small screen (and without any Zack Snyder), I dunno, part of me just wonders if the magic came specifically from the comic medium.