The Apocalyptic World of Brand New’s ‘Science Fiction’ Feels Realer Than Ever

I really liked this review of Brand New’s Science Fiction by Craig Jenkins, published at Vulture:

In any other year — hell, any other month this year — Science Fiction’s gallery of druggies, atom bombs, and separatist militiamen would’ve read like, well, real-deal science fiction. But summer 2017 is a place where guys with guns tout full-fledged white supremacy, and the guy with the nuclear codes promise “fire and fury” to overseas enemies. The protagonist of Brand New’s “Desert,” a gun-toting, homophobic wing nut who thinks God commanded him to wipe out liberals, isn’t a far cry from the people on TV rallying in support of ethnic cleansing. The nuclear winter of “137,” a song literally named after a byproduct of decaying radioactive uranium, suddenly seems possible.

Say Anything Announces Anniversary Tour

Say Anything will be heading out on an “In Defense” anniversary tour. They’ll be playing two shows in two nights and performing In Defense of the Genre, Is a Real Boy, and the self-titled album. You’ll find all the dates below. Of the upcoming tour, Max says:

Well, this should be the most epic series of shows we’ve ever put on in terms of the “legacy” of our early work. I predict all-out catharsis in these intimate settings and an awesome experience losing myself in the narrative of each of these albums played in their entirety.


Review: Brand New – Science Fiction

Brand New - Science Fiction

If asked to condense Brand New’s career into one word, that word would be “reactive.” From the title of their second album, Deja Entendu, translating to “already heard” to the abrasive, pedal-infused guitars that dominate their fourth album, Daisy, Brand New have always been a band known to react to critics, fans, and perhaps most importantly, themselves.

For many readers of (R.I.P.) and now this site, August 17th was a day eight years in the making. It started in typical Brand New fashion with fans receiving cryptic packages in the mail, sparking internet confusion and excitement. This time, however, that package contained the band’s fifth (and presumably final) album, Science Fiction – a fitting goodbye to fans who waited just as long for lyric booklets, let alone a new album. After all, frontman Jesse Lacey has been uncommonly direct about the band’s whereabouts this past year, announcing things like, “We’re done,” at shows, selling shirts predicting the band’s end (2000 – 2018) and even ribbing the band’s bad habits on standalone single “I Am a Nightmare” (“I’m not a prophecy come true/I’ve just been goddamn mean to you”).

Architects Stop Festival Show To Call Out Sexual Assault

The Huffington Post:

Sam Carter, lead singer for the metal band Architects, has rightly been hailed a hero for stopping in the middle of a show to defend a fan from a groper. […]

“I saw a girl, a woman, crowdsurfing over here, and I’m not gonna fucking point the piece of shit out that did it, but I saw you fucking grab at her boob,” Carter said. “I saw it. It is fucking disgusting and there is no fucking place for that shit.”

Tay Jardine on Rock Sound Podcast

Sainte’s Tay Jardine is the latest guest on the Rock Sound Podcast:

I didn’t realise how important that break was for me mentally and physically. I decided to take that time and work a lot on my voice, so the physical time off was incredible for that and then just mentally to be like a real person and not be on the road all the time was just really fun and eye-opening for me.