Scraping the Web Now, Asking for Permission Later


Federico Viticci, writing at MacStories about Apple’s details on their AI model being trained on web content:

As a creator and website owner, I guess that these things will never sit right with me. Why should we accept that certain data sets require a licensing fee but anything that is found “on the open web” can be mindlessly scraped, parsed, and regurgitated by an AI? Web publishers (and especially indie web publishers these days, who cannot afford lawsuits or hiring law firms to strike expensive deals) deserve better.

I agree wholeheartedly. I felt similarly when I looked at the data that trained Google’s AI. I see Chorus and our forum very clearly in their training data. We didn’t agree to that. Our community never agreed to that. Google played a massive role in devaluing small and medium sized websites (and the online ad business) and we’re certainly not going to be the ones getting any publishing deals. None of it sits well with me.

Interview: The Early November

The Early November

This past week, I was able to schedule a Zoom call with Ace Enders and Jeff Kummer of The Early November to discuss everything that went into the band’s new self-titled record that released today. In this interview, I asked the band about the creative process behind key tracks like “The Empress” and “The Fool,” their best memories of growing up through the Drive-Thru Records era of music, and what they’re most looking forward to on their upcoming tour.

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Gooseberry – “Dying To Meet You” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single and video from Alt Rock band, Gooseberry, called “Dying To Meet You.” The song comes from the band’s debut LP, All My Friends Are Cattle, out everywhere music is sold on September 6th. Band member Asa Daniels shared about the track, “For the breakdowns in this song, our producer (Colin Bryson) brought a tiny handheld distortion mic into the studio for me to scream into. And I screamed my head off. That was cathartic. Hopefully this song brings our fans catharsis. Or a sore throat.” If you’re enjoying the latest single/video from Gooseberry, please consider supporting this talented band here. I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

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Hawthorne Heights Pick Ten Essential Emo Albums

Hawthorne Heights

 JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights has picked his ten essential 90’s emo albums:

Initial Records ran a festival in Kentucky called Crazy Fest. And one of my friends took me to that for the first time to see all of these bands. And Bleed American had just come out, and I had never heard Jimmy Eat World before that. So Bleed American was my introduction, but his introduction was Clarity. So he’s pissed when he’s listening to Bleed American, and I’m in love, because I’d never heard the intricate beauty of Clarity. So I listened to Bleed American. It’s so incredible — still one of my favorite records. And then I hear Clarity and I’m absolutely blown away.

Ace Breaks Down The Early November Album

The Early November

Ace Enders breaks down The Early November’s new album track-by-track:

This song flirts with the torture of regret within the mind, which is why there are voices whispering throughout the beginning of it. Picking which one to listen to, be influenced by, not be influenced by, etc. The fantasy of “if I could only do it again.”

That perpetual never-ending gnawing. Eventually coming to a moment of realization within and gaining clarity by being honest with yourself.