Thank You Descendents!

My sincere thanks to the Descendents for sponsoring Chorus this week. The band released their brand new album (and first in over a decade), Hypercaffium Spazzinate, yesterday and you should definitely go give it a listen or pick it up. Do you like pop-punk? Curious where a good portion of your favorite bands picked up that sound? These guys are one of the first, and best, to ever do it. The new album is no exception. It’s full of fast, fun, and catchy pop-punk music.

Dates for their North American tour kick off September 15th in Minneapolis at First Avenue and wrap up November 12th in Portland at Roseland Theater. The full tour routing can be found below.

Halsey Profiled at Rolling Stone

Alex Morris, with a fantastic profile of Halsey for Rolling Stone:

She’s also, perhaps not coincidentally, really good at getting into stuff. A little more than two years ago, Halsey was not actually Halsey, she was Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, a 19-year-old community-college dropout, couch-surfing between basements in her native New Jersey and the Bed-Stuy/Lower East Side hovels of a badass, tatted-up crowd of “degenerate stoners” she met through her boyfriend two years before that, back when she was an arty, misfit high school kid taking AP classes and roaming the halls covered in paint. She’d gotten into the well-regarded Rhode Island School of Design, and then learned that she couldn’t afford to go. She’d found the college she could afford a waste of time.

Background Music Monsters (Encore Episode 129)

This week’s main topic of Encore is focused on when we listen to music, and specifically: background music. Do we listen to music in the background while working? What about while doing other activities? What kind of music? What genres? Can we watch TV while working in the background? When do we listen to podcasts? And on top of that there’s talk about music’s role in our lives as we get older and grow up. What role does music have in our lives now? We also discuss some follow-up about last week’s Blink-182 episode, My Chemical Romance teasing things, Pokémon Go, and much more.

Also, we tease a special supporter bonus episode that is all about our “Top 3” pizza toppings and drinks. Supporters: that is now up in your awesome thread.

Bluetooth Headphone Revenue Surpasses Non-Bluetooth

The NPD is reporting that bluetooth headphone revenue has overtaken non-bluetooth headphone revenue for the first time:

According to The NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service, Bluetooth headphone revenue overtook non-Bluetooth for the first time in June accounting for 54 percent of headphone dollar sales and 17 percent of unit sales in the U.S.

The joy of not having a cord attached to my pocket is amazing. But Bluetooth still sucks, a lot. Trying to use multiple devices, not looking ridiculous with that behind-the-head cord, and the sound quality is still not there. Oh, and every time my phone doesn’t want to connect to the headphones I’m sure it’s punishing me for all the times I set it next to the charger instead of actually plugging it in because, what?, it’s not the boss of me.

Booking Up Sponsors for the Fall

We’re currently booking up our sponsorship spots for the next few months, so, if you have a product or service you’d like to put in front of our audience, please reach out to me and let’s talk. We’ve been seeing some fantastic results with display ads and our feed sponsorships. I asked Creep Records’ owner William Angelos how the campaign we put together worked for him, and he had this to say:

I reached out to when we signed JANK and I could not be happier. The new format has made ad space prominent and the click-through rate has been amazing. At the end of the day, we believed that if people heard JANK, they would love them. helped immensely through their ads in getting people to give a new band a try. We will be using for all future releases.

Our wonderful sponsors and amazing supporters have made the first four months of running Chorus feasible and exciting. Almost all of September is already booked up, but we have some openings in August and October and I’d love to get those filled up as well. I hope everyone is having a good day, I’m off to edit this week’s episode of Encore.1

  1. Supporters should check the Encore thread in the supporter forum for a special announcement.