Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Quest to Defend Pop Punk

Luke O’Neil, writing at Noisey:

A lot of our drivers, I think, listen to country or current pop. Nothing that’s really too much behind that first layer. I’ve always needed a little bit more than that. I’ve always enjoyed the search for something different or something a little more substantial. I always thought if I wasn’t racing one of my dream jobs would be as a scout, going town to town and trying to find bands in all these little dive bars. That would be so much fun, discovering music that way as opposed to from your phone.

Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Steve Knopper, writing at GQ:

Every hardcore band you loved in the ’80s and beyond, from Black Flag to Minutemen to Fugazi, had one unfortunate thing in common: Nazi skinheads occasionally stormed their concerts, stomped their fans, gave Hitler salutes in lieu of applauding, and generally turned a communal experience into one full of hatred and conflict. […]

Here’s an oral history on how punks took back their scene.

This is great.