Thank You Audible

My thanks to for sponsoring Chorus this week. They are currently offering a free 30-day trial that comes with two free audio books, and if you’ve got any kind of commute, I can’t recommend finding some time to listen to audibooks enough. One of the things I love about Audible is how easy they make the return process — if you order something to check out, start it and don’t like it, they’re really great about letting you return the book without any hassle.

I’ve been currently reading Armada, so if you’re looking for something new to check out, that’s definitely worth giving a look.

The Last VCR Will Be Manufactured This Month

Ananya Bhattacharya, writing for QZ:

Surprising fact: there’s a company still making video-cassette recorders, or VCRs. But that will change at the end of this month.

Japan’s Funai Electronics, which makes its own electronics, in addition to supplying companies like Sanyo, will produce the last batch of VCR units by July 30, Nikkei reported (link in Japanese). The company cites difficulty in obtaining the necessary parts as one of the reasons for halting production.

Donald Trump’s Nomination Is Terrifying

Ezra Klein, writing for Vox, on the nomination of Donald Trump for President:

He has had plenty of time to prove me, and everyone else, wrong. But he hasn’t. He has not become more responsible or more sober, more decent or more generous, more considered or more informed, more careful or more kind. He has continued to retweet white supremacists, make racist comments, pick unnecessary fights, contradict himself on the stump, and show an almost gleeful disinterest in building a real campaign or learning about policy.

Here is what we know — truly know — about Trump. Here is why he should not be president.

It is downright terrifying that there’s even a chance this man could be President of the United States.

Interview: The Hotelier

The Hotelier

Two months ago, The Hotelier released their third album, Goodness. It touches on themes of Taoism and acceptance and it’s been something I’ve connected with a good deal during the end of my senior year of high school. Last week, on the tour to celebrate the release of the album, I had the opportunity to speak with the group’s lead singer/bassist/lyricist, Christian Holden. We discussed the writing process of Goodness, the band’s first music video(s), and anarchist theory.

Albums in Stores – July 22nd, 2016

Relient K’s new album, Air for Free, comes out today, and I totally think it’s worth giving a spin. I think they bounced back in a big way with this one. I’m not sure what else to check out today, so if you have some recommendations for me, please let me know. If you hit read more you can see all the releases we have in our calendar for the week. Hit the quote bubble to access our forums and talk about what came out today, what albums you picked up, and to make mention of anything we may have missed.