‘Tag’ the Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming film, Tag, has been released.

The movie is based on the real life story of friends that play, of course, tag:

The game they play is fundamentally the same as the schoolyard version: One player is “It” until he tags someone else. But men in their 40s can’t easily chase each other around the playground, at least not without making people nervous, so this tag has a twist. There are no geographic restrictions and the game is live for the entire month of February. The last guy tagged stays “It” for the year.


Spencer Chamberlin Talks With Music Feeds

Sam Bauermeister of Music Feeds sat down with Spencer Chamberlin of Underoath to talk about the band’s upcoming album:

If we’re doing things the way we used to do it and keep saying “That’s not Underoath enough”, it wouldn’t work. I’m not the same person I was in 2006 when we wrote Define the Great Line, I’m a way different person and in a much better place in my life mentally, spiritually and musically. So I’m not going to write the same as I did when I was at that point in my life. Whether it’s you as a journalist, a football player or a business person, there’s no way you’d be doing things the same as you did twelve years ago. So I find it unfair when people expect that of us.

Review: Hurry – Every Little Thought

Hurry - Every Little Thought

There’s a search for permanence on Hurry’s new album, Every Little Thought – each of album’s ten tracks a vital piece in the journey. And it’s really the album’s opening song (and title track) that encapsulates this desire perfectly. At five minutes long, it’s the album’s best song as Matt Scottoline (formerly of Philly emo band Everyone Everywhere) achingly sings, “Every little thought I have about you / And what the future brings / Every little thing I knew about you / Doesn’t mean anything,” over slight reverb drenched in melancholy. It’s Hurry at their very best, as the band is in no rush when it comes to creating luscious melodies and captivating hooks, letting each one breathe and build on its own until Hurry’s bittersweet pop is ringing within your ears for days.

Logic Tops the Charts

Logic has the number one album in the country this week:

The set, which was released on March 9 through Visionary/Def Jam, bows with 119,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending March 15, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 32,000 were in traditional album sales.

Kevin Devine – “Kuala Lumpur”

Kevin Devine’s new song “Kuala Lumpur” is now up for stream. An interview with Kevin can also be read up on Billboard:

I got to play everything that’s on there. Everything that’s on there is just me. And that’s something I have a lot of fun with. I don’t elect to do it all the time, because usually there’s someone who can do it better than me, certainly on drums and piano. But it was fun to get to do that with this. If you don’t die or quit or give up, I think you’re always trying to get a little bit better at something in your career.