Jimmy Eat World Talk With The Ringer

Jimmy Eat World talked with The Ringer about their latest album and career:

After paying for two videos that ended up in the scrap heap, Lind figures, “Fuck it, it can’t get any worse.” So it’s understandable they blindly let frontman Jim Adkins run with his idea for their latest single, “555”: “a science-fiction postapocalyptic nightmare filled with clones and an evil galactic master,” played by Adkins, looking like he fell face first into a bag of bleached flour.

Review: Saves the Day – Through Being Cool

From the opening notes of Saves The Day’s now-legendary emo album, Through Being Cool, Chris Conley confidently sings, “This isn’t the way we planned / I wasn’t supposed to forget your taste,” and it’s almost as if Conley and his band knew they might be on to something extraordinary here. The irony behind an album about leaving the cool kids to their cliques, while sitting a few out much like the cover art depicts, is humorous now because Saves the Day became emo legends on this record. Those same kids who wouldn’t give Conley and crew the time of day back in high school, are probably the ones now asking them for autographs after a show. This album was recently overlooked by Kerrang! magazine on the 25 greatest emo albums ever, much to my chagrin.

Looking back at the numerous bands influenced by this band and this album, in particular, one can not merely brush this record off as just another emo album. Instead with heart-on-my-sleeve lyrics about their hometown on songs such as “You Vandal,” where Conley sings, “I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of New Jersey / When do I get to wake up to you?” there was no stopping this band’s ascent into greatness.