The Teens Will Save Us

Dina Leygerman, writing on Medium:

Every year, before I teach 1984 to my seniors, I run a simulation. Under the guise of “the common good,” I turn my classroom into a totalitarian regime; I become a dictator. I tell my seniors that in order to battle “Senioritis,” the teachers and admin have adapted an evidence-based strategy, a strategy that has “been implemented in many schools throughout the country and has had immense success.” I hang posters with motivational quotes and falsified statistics, and provide a false narrative for the problem that is “Senioritis.” I tell the students that in order to help them succeed, I must implement strict classroom rules.

This year, they were having none of this shit:

I’ve done this experiment numerous times, albeit not consecutively, and every year I have similar results. This year, however, the results were different. This year, a handful of students did fall in line as always. The majority of students, however, rebelled. By day two of the simulation, the students were contacting members of administration, writing letters, and creating protest posters. They were organizing against me and against the admin.


No, Your Festival’s Twitter Account Is Mad Online

Ahh, it’s almost Warped Tour lineup announcement time. I wonder if the Warped Tour Twitter account is doing some hinting at what kinds of bands will be playing the tour. Let’s check in on how things are going over there:

@blink182 we have the same agent & yet nothing. @therejects we tried, a band member didn’t want to do it @paramore word on the street is they’re doing their own tour @Yellowcard is no longer a band @MCRofficial not reuniting @SayAnythingMuz we’ll look into it!

Ok, interesting way to do this. I wonder what happens if The All American Rejects respond:

pretty sure this isn’t how it went down…pretty sure we were down with y’all paying a few shows…pretty sure we were told 3/4 band members were into it by your agent.

Oh, hmm, well, wonder what they’d say if The Story So Far got a little annoyed about how Warped Tour is hinting toward other band’s tour announcements early:

shall we start to count the times our lineup was leaked from insider information ….and this coming from the band that posted weed during an IG takeover on our account when we specifically asked not to

Oh, things are fine it seems.