No, Your Festival’s Twitter Account Is Mad Online

Ahh, it’s almost Warped Tour lineup announcement time. I wonder if the Warped Tour Twitter account is doing some hinting at what kinds of bands will be playing the tour. Let’s check in on how things are going over there:

@blink182 we have the same agent & yet nothing. @therejects we tried, a band member didn’t want to do it @paramore word on the street is they’re doing their own tour @Yellowcard is no longer a band @MCRofficial not reuniting @SayAnythingMuz we’ll look into it!

Ok, interesting way to do this. I wonder what happens if The All American Rejects respond:

pretty sure this isn’t how it went down…pretty sure we were down with y’all paying a few shows…pretty sure we were told 3/4 band members were into it by your agent.

Oh, hmm, well, wonder what they’d say if The Story So Far got a little annoyed about how Warped Tour is hinting toward other band’s tour announcements early:

shall we start to count the times our lineup was leaked from insider information ….and this coming from the band that posted weed during an IG takeover on our account when we specifically asked not to

Oh, things are fine it seems.


Not Everything Is an Album

Benjamin Mayo writes about one of the bigger issues I have with Apple Music’s categorization of albums:

What a human would think of as an artist’s albums, and what Apple Music lists, are completely different. EPs, singles, specials, deluxe, originals are all shoehorned under one name ‘Albums’. There is no way to filter these out. This really makes finding what you want hard. When you know what you want to find, all this backwardly organised catalogue gets in your way.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of a new artist, gone to their page to listen to their latest album, clicked the first “album” artwork I saw, and then had to click back once I realize it’s just a single release. This seems like a really simple fix in the interface.