A Weekend Plug

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Hopefully it’s not too stressful. I just wanted to quickly plug the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide I posted up earlier this week, and once again call attention to our supporter program. As we get close to the end of the year we’re closing in on my personal goal for how many supporters I wanted to hit this year. We’re not quite there yet, so I wanted to once again ask if you like this website to please consider becoming a supporting member.

Also, on that note: “Dark Mode” for the main website should be completed within the week.

A Vulture Wake Announce New Album

A Vulture Wake, featuring Chad Price (ALL/Drag The River), Joe Raposo (RKL/Lagwagon), Sean Sellers (Good Riddance/Real McKenzies), and Brandon D. Landelius (The Mag Seven), will be releasing their new album on January 31st via Bird Attack Records. The album was recorded at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Pet Symmetry Cancel December Show

Pet Symmetry have dropped off their upcoming show with the following message on Facebook:

Hey y’all, Marcus from Pet Sym here. We will be dropping off of the Dec 30th show at Metro. This was a decision made by Erik and I. Pet Symmetry’s mission statement as a band is “to have as much fun as possible.” Right now this band is not fun for me.

My sincerest apologies to anyone who was hoping to see us perform. I’m gonna take a long walk around the block, maybe I’ll see y’all later.

Try your best to be good to others, and most importantly, be good to yourself

ISP Disclosures About Data Caps and Fees Eliminated by Net Neutrality Repeal

Jon Brodkin, writing at Ars Technica:

Because advertised prices often don’t reflect the full cost of service, the Federal Communications Commission in 2015 forced ISPs to be more transparent with customers about hidden fees and the consequences of exceeding data caps. The new requirements were part of the net neutrality rules—and are therefore going to be eliminated when the FCC votes to repeal the rules next week.

While FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is proposing to keep some of the commission’s existing disclosure rules and to impose some new disclosure requirements, ISPs won’t have to tell consumers exactly what everything will cost when they sign up for service.



Brian Fallon Talks About ‘Sleepwalkers’

Brian Fallon recently at down with Upset Magazine to talk about his new album:

Due for release in February, Sleepwalkers was recorded over the summer of 2017 with ’59 Sound producer Tedd Hutt. Despite the familiar faces, Fallon is still trying to push the way he writes songs in new directions. “I had these handclaps loops like drum loops. So I would start out with that kind of shuffle and look at it through the eyes of the punk rock that I grew up on and then add the Vox Continental [organ], writing riffs on that and almost using that riff as a loop, which I’ve never done before.”

“The record flipped a little bit from the more folk-oriented thing on Painkillers to a more R&B, punk-leaning thing. It’s such a drastic shift that you’ve got to get some different people and some new blood sometimes to do that because it requires a different finesse and a different perspective.”

Spoiler: I’m a fan, I think it’s a nice, confident step up from Painkillers.

Reports: YouTube to Launch New Music Subscription Service in March

Lucas Shaw, writing at Bloomberg:

YouTube plans to introduce a paid music service in March, according to people familiar with the matter, a third attempt by parent company Alphabet Inc. to catch up with rivals Spotify and Apple Inc.

The new service could help appease record-industry executives who have pushed for more revenue from YouTube. Warner Music Group, one of the world’s three major record labels, has already signed on, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private talks. YouTube is also in talks with the two others, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, and Merlin, a consortium of independent labels, the people said.

YouTube is already the de facto music service for a pretty large number of people. Can you get them to start paying for their music consumption? Seems like it’s not a new service those people are looking for, they like browsing and listening to music on YouTube.