Hailey, It Happens Release New Album

Hailey, It Happens are an electronic music duo from Boston, MA who have been friends and collaborators since they were 13 years old. Last Friday they released their brand new self-titled album. The album is now up on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music. Two and a half years after their last EP, Under the Brilliant Lights, and recorded during time stolen between full-time jobs as an accountant and a teacher, the record chronicles 36 consequential months in the duo’s lives.

Between the first session with veteran producer Jon Taft (The Saddest Landscape, Bearstronaut, Morne) and the last layered harmony, songs about girlfriends became songs about fiancés and then wives. Songs were informed by visiting places all over the world. The muse for songs of hurt and goodbye on past records became the inspiration for new songs about a blossoming relationship. And during every break between fevered writing and recording sessions, the face of the music world changed, and these two music obsessives listened to, absorbed and repurposed a whole world of new sounds into their own aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a song to start with, try streaming “Dandelion” below.

AFI’s Jade Puget Talks About Upcoming Album

Alternative Press talked with AFI’s Jade Puget about their upcoming album.

Yeah, definitely. The whole recording was different, especially with me stepping up to produce after all this time. I’d compose the entire song and demo it out before we hit the studio, so a lot of the production was done early on. Matt was awesome and we worked really well together—that whole thing was very different for me and very different for the band. In the studio, we tried to make it flow and work very naturally because we don’t love being in the studio. That’s the work part of it and we love the creative part, the writing, and the enjoyment part is going on the road. So I did the vocals with Davey [Havok], just he and I in a room together while the drums were being tracked. Dave and I have always just wanted to do the vocals just the two of us and make a record like that. It was awesome and I loved it.

If You Really Wanna Get Me a Gift

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Kate Nash Shares an Open Letter About the Dakota Pipeline Signed by 122 Musicians

Sia, Karen O, members of Green Day and Radiohead, and over a hundred other musicians, have signed an open letter written by Kate Nash to President Obama regarding the North Dakota Access Pipeline:

We are writing to express our shock at the treatment of the people of Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota. We are deeply disturbed by the police actions that have been taking place, where non violent protests have been and continue to be met with extremely aggressive tactics including; being shot with water canons in below freezing temperatures, chemical weapons, rubber bullets, and attack dogs. These are the same inhumane methods used during WWII and the Civil Rights Movement.

Morrissey Speaks Out Against New £5 Note

Morrissey speaks out via True to You about the Bank of England’s new non-vegan £5 note.

If it had been revealed by the Bank of England that the new British Five Pound note contained slices of cat or dog, the country would be in an uproar. But because we have been trained to accept the vicious slaughter of cows, sheep and pigs, the UK media can only make light of the use of tallow in the new British fiver because animal slaughter is thought to be outside of the human grasp and concern. However, whether you care about animals or not, the use of their sliced bodies in the new five pound note evokes a mood and a vibration that displays a gaping hole in human intelligence and in the human race as a compassionate idea. It also tells us that the Bank Of England has no understanding of doing anything in our time that revives the human image from basic savagery. If you feel that the use of animal flesh should not be a moral issue, then you should assert your conviction by donating your own body to the Bank Of England for decorative use in future five pound notes.

Drake Tops Spotify’s Most Streamed List of 2016

Drake is Spotify’s most streamed artist for the second year in a row.

“Drake has been unstoppable this year – he’s a true global superstar,” said Stefan Blom, Spotify’s Chief Content & Chief Strategy Officer. ”With the top album and the top song this year, as well as his successful Summer Sixteen tour, Drake continues to engage his fans in a way that only Drake can; it’s no surprise he is dominating the music industry.”

Panic! at the Disco grabs the most emo plays.