Review: Brand New – Science Fiction

Brand New - Science Fiction

If asked to condense Brand New’s career into one word, that word would be “reactive.” From the title of their second album, Deja Entendu, translating to “already heard” to the abrasive, pedal-infused guitars that dominate their fourth album, Daisy, Brand New have always been a band known to react to critics, fans, and perhaps most importantly, themselves.

For many readers of (R.I.P.) and now this site, August 17th was a day eight years in the making. It started in typical Brand New fashion with fans receiving cryptic packages in the mail, sparking internet confusion and excitement. This time, however, that package contained the band’s fifth (and presumably final) album, Science Fiction – a fitting goodbye to fans who waited just as long for lyric booklets, let alone a new album. After all, frontman Jesse Lacey has been uncommonly direct about the band’s whereabouts this past year, announcing things like, “We’re done,” at shows, selling shirts predicting the band’s end (2000 – 2018) and even ribbing the band’s bad habits on standalone single “I Am a Nightmare” (“I’m not a prophecy come true/I’ve just been goddamn mean to you”).

Architects Stop Festival Show To Call Out Sexual Assault

The Huffington Post:

Sam Carter, lead singer for the metal band Architects, has rightly been hailed a hero for stopping in the middle of a show to defend a fan from a groper. […]

“I saw a girl, a woman, crowdsurfing over here, and I’m not gonna fucking point the piece of shit out that did it, but I saw you fucking grab at her boob,” Carter said. “I saw it. It is fucking disgusting and there is no fucking place for that shit.”

Tay Jardine on Rock Sound Podcast

Sainte’s Tay Jardine is the latest guest on the Rock Sound Podcast:

I didn’t realise how important that break was for me mentally and physically. I decided to take that time and work a lot on my voice, so the physical time off was incredible for that and then just mentally to be like a real person and not be on the road all the time was just really fun and eye-opening for me.

Chvrches to Appear in Archie Comic

Chvrches will appear in an upcoming Archie comic book:

This October, Archie Andrews is hitting the road with his best friends in The Archies, a new ongoing comic book series from Archie Comics. The series will pick up right where The Archies One Shot, by writers Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg, with art by Joe Eisma, left off: with Archie and his bandmates Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie pursuing their rock and roll dreams as The Archies.


Dan From Much the Same Diagnosed With Cancer

Dan O’Gorman, guitarist and vocalist for Much the Same, has been diagnosed with cancer:

Hey friends, we are really saddened to announce that our guitarist Dan has been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. He will be starting chemotherapy in September and then having an operation to remove the tumor in his abdomen. Everyone is optimistic that he will make a full recovery, but of course this will be a very difficult time for Dan and everyone that cares about him.

St. Vincent Talks With The New Yorker

St. Vincent sat down with The New Yorker to talk her upcoming Jack Antonoff produced new album:

Clark and Antonoff had met casually around New York but hardly knew each other until they somehow wound up having what he described as an emotionally intense dinner together at the Sunset Tower in Los Angeles. “She was very open about the things in her life,” Antonoff said. “That’s what I was interested in. Continuing to reveal more and more. I said, ‘Let’s go for the lyrics that people will tattoo on their arms.’”