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Review: William Ryan Key – Thirteen

William Ryan Key - Thirteen

When Yellowcard disbanded after their self-titled album, I didn’t think that would be the end of making music for everyone in the band. William Ryan Key proved me right by releasing Thirteen. While I will always miss the combination of his voice with Sean Mackin on violin, this EP helps to fill the void that was left when Yellowcard ended.

Review: West Thebarton – Different Beings Being Different

West Thebarton

West Thebarton are a new punk rock band from Adelaide, Australia who pride themselves on translating their high energy live shows directly into their debut record, Different Beings Being Different. Led by their fearless and extremely charismatic singer, Reverend Ray, the six other band members mesh well with the front-man’s demand for attention right from the first track. Leading off the set is their debut single, “Moving Out,” which sets the tone early for the type of frenetic rock to expect throughout this blistering LP. My first impression of this band reminded me of two other punk rock bands such as Anti-Flag (with a more polished approach and fewer political themes) mixed with the pop sensibilities of The Explosion (mostly from their great Black Tape record).

‘Bummer Presents: A Compilation for ADAPT and NNIRR’

Bummer Presents: A Compilation for ADAPT and NNIRR is officially out today. It’s a benefit compilation I curated featuring nearly forty songs, including unreleased material by JouskaThe Republic of Wolves, and Cheem’s Sam Nazz. The proceeds with be split fifty-fifty between ADAPT and NNIRR – two organizations doing great work that I thought it was important to highlight. The compilation can be purchased through Bandcamp.

Spotify Plans to Change Content Policy, Again

Lucas Shaw, writing at Bloomberg:

Facing a rebellion among artists and even some of its own employees, Spotify Technology SA will partially walk back a move to punish musicians for their personal misconduct.

The music-streaming giant has told artists, managers and record-label executives that it will eventually restore songs by XXXTentacion to playlists, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The company’s top executives are talking to the music industry and civil-rights activists about how and when to adjust its rules in a manner suitable to both sides.

I stopped being surprised when companies show their spineless side a long time ago, but this is some eye-rolling bullshit right here. You can choose what kind of platform you want to be and when you are the size of Spotify you can choose how you want to wield your editorial-power.


“Cheaters Edition” of Monopoly

Monopoly have released an official “Cheaters Edition” of the classic game. Fast Company has more:

“We’ve had this data for years. 50% of all Monopoly players cheat,” says Randy Klimpert, Hasbro’s senior director of design and games development. This fact of life was always something of a running joke within the walls of Hasbro. It became the giggly fodder of proposed ad campaigns. Employees got a kick out of listening to the messages left on its holiday helpline, established in 2016, to help families settle disputes in their games and address accusations of creative cheating. “We were literally sitting around thinking, ‘what would really corrupt Monopoly?’ And someone said, ‘what if we cheated?’”