Overcast 5 Is Here

Overcast, my favorite podcast player, has a great new 5.0 update. Federico Viticci reviewed it for MacStories:

The most notable difference between the old Overcast and the updated version is the redesigned Now Playing screen. Page indicators and hidden gestures to navigate show notes and chapters are gone, replaced by a carousel of swipable cards containing effects, podcast artwork, show notes, and chapters (if available).

It’s a nice update and I’m excited to try out the stand alone Watch playback.

Max Collins Talks With Stereogum

Max Collins of Eve 6 sat down with Stereogum:

It’s the 20th anniversary of Record #1. A lot of those songs we’ve never really played live. I mean, I’m sure we did probably leading up to the release of the record. We probably played all 10 or whatever. When those were the only songs we had to choose from we played them, but once Record #2 came out, a lot of the songs on that record … It’s like this weird thing where we were 16 and 17 years old, Jon [Siebels] and I, when we wrote that record, and it sounds like it. So I think I’m at a place now where, maybe because of Fitness, because I have this other outlet and it’s starting to be well-received and stuff like that, it’s like I’m looking on that record and Eve 6 in general a little bit more gently. I’m able to see what’s good about it, and I think the prospect of playing these songs that we haven’t played in many, many years, at least the lion’s share of the record, to our fans that love them, is interesting and will be cool.


Sons of Stereo Release “West Coast”

Sons of Stereo have released their debut single, “West Coast,” to all digital outlets. This alternative rock group, based out of Kansas City, blends scene staples The Maine and Fall Out Boy with the modern indie/pop flavoring of groups like Bad Suns and Young The Giant. The aptly titled song captures the vibe perfectly.

This single was produced by Kevin Gates (Never Shout Never, The Ready Set) and Nashville-based producer Andrew Pacheco and there will be more music from the band coming very soon. The video for the song can be found on YouTube, and you can follow the band’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for tour dates and to stay up to date on when new music is released.

Review: Good Charlotte – Generation Rx

Good Charlotte - Generation RX

Over the past few years, I have found it easier to defend my adoration for Good Charlotte, even after many critics had written them off after the multi-platinum success of The Young & the Hopeless. Good Charlotte is continuing to find ways to reinvent themselves in the latter stages of their career, and their seventh full-length album entitled Generation Rx is no exception. Coming off of two commercially successful albums (Cardiology and Youth Authority) after a lengthy hiatus is no small feat, and the fact that many fans have stayed with the band over their lengthy career shows the staying power of the Waldorf, Maryland natives.

MacStories iOS 12 Review

Federico Viticci, has written the definitive iOS 12 review at MacStories:

After years of unabated visual and functional changes, iOS 12 is Apple’s opportunity to regroup and reassess the foundation before the next big step – with one notable exception.

There’s seventeen pages here, but it’s the most in-depth and informative review on the OS by a large margin.

Story of the Year Reflect on ‘Page Avenue’

Story of the Year and John Feldmann talked with Billboard about Page Avenue 15 years later:

I don’t want to take credit for the success of the record — but I mean, I have to, to a certain extent, because Ryan and I fought a lot. He wanted it to be a metal record, and if it would’ve been the record he wanted, it would’ve never connected the way it did. The record needed to have the melodies and the vocals the way that they were, in order for people to really understand how great the songs were. That probably took 10 years for Ryan to really understand.

If you look back, they didn’t hire me to do the second record. That’s how bummed Ryan was on how the first record sounded. He was really upset. He was like, “This record is a pop record.” He wanted to make something heavy, so they hired a metal producer to do the second record, which failed horrifically. It got them dropped [from the label] and it didn’t connect. I think in hindsight, Ryan understands it. But when he was a kid, he was so defiant on my process. It was really challenging for me. He worked at Papa John’s pizza. My job was to make sure he didn’t have to work at a pizza store anymore. I was really trying to give him a career.