Review: Dreamers – Launch

Dreamers - Launch

The opening of Dreamers’ new EP, Launch, erupts in chaos. With a siren sound launching directly into your eardrums from the opening notes, this band makes it clear that this is a call to arms. Dreamers are from Manhattan, NY, but they recently relocated to Los Angeles to work on a trilogy of EPs on Fairfax Records. Coming off the success of hit singles from the debut album, This Album Does Not Exist, such as “Sweet Disaster” and “Drugs,” Dreamers continue to take advantage of the urgency found in their songwriting style.


Matt Healy Talks With The Guardian

The 1975’s Matt Healy sat down with The Guardian to talk about the band’s upcoming album:

He selects a song that doesn’t sound at all anxious. It is surprisingly loose after ILWYS’s gleaming 80s pop architecture: all spilling piano chords, trumpet solos and vocals from the London Gospel Community Choir. It is about forgiving and mending himself. “I’m scared of the world,” he says. “I’m not scared of myself any more.”

Sparkling with Springsteen-like festivity, “It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You” is about addiction: “Collapse my veins wearing beautiful shoes,” Healy sings. There is a mellow song about rehab and he reckons their “Drake-y” tropical house experiment will be their biggest hit. The night before, Healy saw James Taylor live and marvelled at the simplicity of his enduring hits. One lounge jazz number on the album is exactly that kind of love song, about passing the age where young people once settled down, and loosely fits the album’s theme of how the internet affects relationships, says Healy.

Alex Gaskarth on Rock Sound Podcast

Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low is on the latest episode of the Rock Sound Podcast.

There’s a lot of music kicking around, I will say that. I’m not sure what form it’s gonna take yet. I don’t know if it’s gonna be an album or if we’re just gonna keep kicking around these soft releases, so to speak. The way I looked at this one was kind of like the old 7 inch vinyls where you get an a-side and a b-side from back in the day…So that seems really fun and maybe we’ll keep doing that for now or maybe this is the link towards an album. But what I love is that there’s no pressure. It’s really fun as a band in this day and age to be able to think about it in the moment. We’re not necessarily committed to putting out 15 songs now. It’s just like ‘hey, let’s see how this goes’. We can kind of pivot and have fun with it based on what we’re feeling. It’s fun to have that flexibility.

The Offspring and 311 Cover Each Other’s Songs

The Offspring have shared a cover of 311’s “Down” and 311 have covered “Self-Esteem.” You can hear the new renditions on Spotify or Apple Music. 311’s Nick Hexum talked to Billboard about how the idea came together:

It was the Offspring’s idea, and a great idea. They said, ‘We had the idea to cover your song, and we’ve done it,’ and I was like, ‘Wow! I have to hear this,’ ’cause it’s such a signature song. Were they going to cover it faithfully or rework it?’ They reworked it just enough; There’s punk to it, and Dexter (Holland) actually does a killer job of rapping SA (Martinez)’s parts in more of a punk rock style, with fast drums. We were so blown away, It was so my fun to hear that. So we returned the favor and reggaefied (‘Self Esteem’), which is probably my favorite song of theirs. It’ll be a lot of fun to give the fans new versions of these songs they love so much.