Streaming Music Payouts

This breakdown from Nick Heer about music streaming payouts touched on a point I think about often:

I get millions of songs for my $10 per month. In about the same timeframe in 2009, I also added Burial’s “Untrue” to my library. I have played the thirteen songs on that album 684 times in total, leading to an estimated payout of $6.84. My CD copy of that album probably cost $15, of which William Bevan probably earned just a few pennies. Apple Music obviously has not existed since 2009 but, if it had, I cannot work out how much less artists would have made if I had streamed all of my music instead of buying physical copies.

Somehow, we are still paying just $10 per month for music in an era where streaming must be paired with live performance to have any hope of generating an income for an artist, all the while fighting the paradox of streaming music, and artists are still getting screwed in the middle of all of it. There would not be a music industry without music, but the industry gets all of the money while musicians still have to fight for scraps.

Apple Music Editorial Content Is Coming to Apple News

John Voorhees, writing for Mac Stories:

The integration of Apple Music and News, which Apple said nothing about during its event on April 20th, is clearly just getting going, so there’s not a lot to see yet. However, it’s also the sort of integration that has the potential to differentiate Music from competitors like Spotify and give users a much-needed reason to visit News. This is a feature we may learn more about next week when iOS and iPadOS 14.5 are released to the public, and that we’ll be keeping a close eye on and as we learn more about Apple’s plans for the fall during WWDC.

Review: Greta Van Fleet – The Battle At Garden’s Gate

When I first examined the curious case of Greta Van Fleet, I sat on the positive side of the review field when Anthem for the Peaceful Army hit the streets. With so many reviewers piling on the negative words and takes on their debut record, I could see where these writers were coming from, but I didn’t feel like the comparisons were fair. Sure, the obvious connections to sounding like Led Zeppelin come with its own set of risks for paying direct homage to one of the most legendary and creative rock bands of all time. However, these young musicians, made up of three brothers and their drummer Daniel Wagner, were making the music they loved and wanted to share with the world. This fruitful path led to several sold-out tours worldwide, multiple TV appearances, and with those accolades came a brighter spotlight shining on them to deliver on their sophomore effort, aptly titled The Battle At Garden’s Gate.

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