Liner Notes (June 21st, 2019)

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A whole lot of music stuff to write about this week, including thoughts on the new Blink-182 single, the three-album drop from Dashboard Confessional, a bunch of new music, and my first impression of the new Banks album. Plus, I go through my regular media diet rundown, share a playlist of ten songs I loved last week, and write about some other stuff. This week’s supporter Q&A post can be found here.

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Isaiah Dominguez Releases New Song “When I’m Gone”

In an era where so many bands are creating their 1975 sound-alike records, Isaiah Dominguez has found a way to marry an ambient, 80’s inspired ballad, with a modern alternative twist. His new single, “When I’m Gone,” gives listeners a ballad rife with lush chorus driven guitars while still staying true to himself. Describing the process, Isaiah said, “It was really important for me to sound like myself, no matter how much this track wanted to deviate to the ‘Spotify sound’.” The single was mixed by Rian Dawson (All Time Low/Track Happy Studios), and released on Evergreen Noise Records today. The song comes from the full-length album due out next week. The single’s pulsing bass line and ethereal instrumentals makes it an ideal late-night, mood-setting tune.

Stream the song on Apple Music, Spotify, or Google Play.

Review: Baroness – Gold & Grey

Baroness - Gold & Grey

In just around four months, it’ll be ten years since Baroness released their breakthrough second album Blue. A critical darling through and through, the twelve-track album explored a sound beyond metal that few if any bands could match – then and now. Over the course of their sixteen-year career, Baroness have transcended multiple styles ranging from sludge to proggy psychedelics while maintaining the aggressive sincerity that’s attracted so many passionate fans. Never a band to rest on its laurels, the Savannah, Georgia quartet once again look to reinvent their sound and re-contextualize what a metal record can be with their boldest and most triumphant effort yet – Gold & Grey.