Portland Bookstore Defends “Fuck Portlandia” Sign

The bookstore “In Other Words,” which is often featured in Portlandia, has posted a message about why they are no longer working with the TV show:

Several months ago the In Other Words community agreed to discontinue our relationship with Portlandia. This was a direct response to a particular egregious filming of the show in our space which saw our store left a mess, our staff mistreated, our neighbors forced to close and lose business for a day without warning, and our repeated attempts to obtain accountability or resolution dismissed. It was also a direct response to a show which is in every way diametrically opposed to our politics and the vision of society we’re organizing to realize. A show which has had a net negative effect on our neighborhood and the city of Portland as a whole. Shortly after this decision was made, a volunteer placed the Fuck Portlandia sign in our window.

I don’t know many people that actually live in Portland that like this show.

Green Day Call Out Donald Trump During “Holiday”

Green Day performed “Holiday” at the Starland Ballroom on September 28th with a little extra for Donald Trump:

Have you guys been watching the news lately? What do you think of our candidates for the presidency of the United States of America? What do you think of New York’s finest, Mr. Donald Trump? … No racism in this fucking room, I’ll tell you that right now. There is no white supremacy in this fucking room right now! We are coming together tonight, to in New Jersey to call bullshit on all the fucking politicians tonight!