Encore 106

Never Ending Mashed Potatoes (Episode 106)

After a wonderful little holiday break, Encore is back with an episode spanning everything that’s happened over the past two weeks. We talk about our Thanksgivings, real vs fake Christmas trees, Adele flat out destroying sales records, Foo Fighters releasing a surprise EP, Thrice recording a new album, Brand New releasing their leaked demos on tape and the story about the first time I heard them, the rumor that Apple will kill the 3.5mm audio port, and all sorts of other goodness peppered throughout. You’ll find show notes, ways to subscribe, and links to stream and/or downloaded this episode in the replies.

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Show Notes

  • We took last week off because of Thanksgiving. We’re back! The holiday was great but Thomas had a bad sports weekend.
  • Listener questions:
    • Real Christmas tree or fake?
    • Can we include time markers in the podcast notes? (This person is upset that we talk about Star Wars for too long, so they’re going to hate our episode the week of Dec. 21).
    • Does a digital download card including in a vinyl LP make that sale count double?
    • Rule from the RIAA: Albums bundled with other products and sold to consumers must be sold at a minimum $6 premium per album when compared to the standalone product’s price. For example, products bundled with 1 album must be sold at a $6 premium, products bundled with 2 albums at a $12 premium, etc. This satisfies the existing dollar volume required of album certifications. Furthermore, the accompanying products must be available for purchase separately.
  • Adele sold 3.8 million albums LMAO!
  • Adele gets her own list of bullet points.
    • Most album sales in one week ever. Beats N-Sync’s 2.41 million.
    • Thomas’s blog post puts this all into perspective (also a handy chart of all the albums to ever sell 1 million copies in a week).
    • Some numbers: 41% of all albums sold last week were 25, she sold 335 copies per minute, it instantly becomes the best-selling album of 2015 as a whole, it did 1.71 million on CD and 1.64 million digital units (49% of all digital albums sold last week were 25), and that’s a new record for the most digital album sales in one week. It did 22K on vinyl.
    • We also talk about, uh, the album itself, and why we like it.
  • Surprise Foo Fighters EP happened too, but Thomas was too busy listening to Adele.
  • Jacks Mannequin is doing an Everything In Transit tour.
  • Thrice will release a new album in 2016.
  • Something about Brand New, of course.
  • Will Apple remove your 3.5mm headphone jack?
  • JT Recommends: Jessica Jones, Creed, revisiting Calvin and Hobbes, enjoying the holiday season and not letting it pass you by too quickly.
  • TN Recommends: Adele, duh; I bought a PS4 and Rocket League is very fun; also Fallout 4; Owen’s new song “Critical Condition” off his split with Kevin Devine, Bill Simmons’ podcast with Michael B. Jordan.

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