Kickstarter Announces Layoffs


Ashley Carman, writing at The Verge:

Kickstarter announced in an internal memo today that it’s likely going to lay off employees. CEO Aziz Hasan writes that the crowdfunding company has already seen a significant drop in crowdfunding projects being listed on the site, which is how Kickstarter makes its money. Projects are down by about 35 percent, the memo states, with “no clear sign of rebound.

The Last Scene (A Documentary)


Kyle Kilday has launched a Kickstarter to create a documentary about the early 2000’s emo and punk scene:

The Last Scene will be the FIRST comprehensive chronicle of what many believe is the LAST underground, DIY music scene. One forged in VFW halls and community recreation centers across the United States in the Late 1990’s/Early 2000’s.

This is the story of the punk and emo kids who gave us the last “new” thing in rock music, during an era of change for the music industry and youth culture at large.

The Aquabats Launch Kickstarter

The Aquabats

The Aquabats have started a Kickstarter:

We hear you loud and clear: It’s time for The Aquabats to get to work, making more music and bringing back the Super Show! But the truth is we can’t make ANYTHING without you… and since we’re doing this for you, we wouldn’t want to do it without you!

With YOUR SUPPORT, we can record The Aquabats’ first NEW ALBUM since 2011, and shoot our first NEW TV SPECIAL since 2014. Not only will you get new music and television, you’ll be helping introduce The Aquabats to a whole new generation of Righteous Comrades and future Aquacadets!

MxPx Launch Kickstarter for New Album


MxPx have launched a Kickstarter to help record their new album:

With this money, the bulk of it is going to be spent on prep and marketing. We intend to self release this record all around the world, not just North America, and to do that, we’re gonna need to advertise. We also have costs of hiring an engineer to record and mix our record, as well as the costs in fulfilling the perks in this here campaign.

This is the first time the band is working in the same place on an album since the Panic sessions. I’ve heard very good things about the batch of songs they’re working on.

The Pink Spiders Launch Kickstarter


The Pink Spiders have launched a Kickstarter to help fund their first album in almost ten years:

This pre-order campaign allows you to grab limited edition merch and experiences that have never been available before including shirts and other collectibles, hand-written lyric sheets, studio visits, house parties and much more! Take a look around this page at the many unique ways you can participate in the process.

Panobook: A Notebook for Your Desk



It all started with an insight about how we use notebooks. Even though we spend 8 hours a day doing digital work on a computer, notebooks are an essential analogue tool. We noticed, while sitting at a computer, it would be great to have a notebook directly in front of us. But that would require a different type of notebook, one with more of a panoramic ratio. So that’s what we made.

Panobook works great on a desk, either in front of, behind, or to the side of your keyboard. We wanted to create a notebook that was always open and always within arm’s reach.

I think this is a great idea, but this review sold me.

Kickstarter for The Matches Documentary Close to Goal

The Matches

This Kickstarter for a documentary about The Matches is really close to its goal, figured I’d give it a little signal boost for any fans that may not have seen it yet:

Bleeding Audio is a feature-length documentary featuring The Matches, a band from Oakland, CA, who experienced a meteoric rise in the mid-2000s, signing with Epitaph Records, and quickly putting out 3 records produced by the likes of Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), Nick Hexum (311), Mark Hoppus (blink-182), and John Feldmann (Goldfinger).

Punchline Launch Kickstarter


Punchline have launched a Kickstarter to help fund a documentary about the band:

Our band, Punchline, will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary this July. It’s been a remarkable journey to get where we are today, and we would like to commemorate it with an ambitious goal: to make a Netflix Music Special.

Ted Leo Launches Kickstarter for New Album

Ted Leo

Ted Leo has announced a Kickstarter for a new solo album:

I probably had enough songs to complete an album a good five years ago, but a number of things – personal and financial – prevented me from doing it. And though it’s always been a constant source of low-level anxiety that so much time continues to pass by, I’ve also come to see that time as a boon. When I missed that first hurdle, that first deadline to PRODUCE SOMETHING, the world didn’t end. Time kept moving, and all of the expectations that I had for MYSELF morphed into a more compassionate and contemplative group of feelings that were more about incubating, honing, experimenting, learning, and rebuilding a certain amount of confidence that I think I’d lost in my stymied relationship with the cycles of releases and promotion and needing support (not just financial) from the label I was working for; and so I started to actually just allow myself that time.