Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Sun Kil Moon

 Amy Zimmerman, writing at Pitchfork:

According to Andrea, who requested to be identified by a pseudonym in this story, Kozelek’s antagonism of women during the period immediately following Benji was not limited to members of the press. She claims that he exposed himself to her without consent in a hotel room in Raleigh, North Carolina, in September 2014, when she was 19 years old. According to Andrea, he also allegedly initiated sex that she wrote “wasn’t really consensual” in a series of Facebook messages to a friend the next day, which Pitchfork reviewed.

Burger Records Shuts Down Completely

Burger Records

Follow multiple accusations against the label, and bands on the label, Burger Records has informed Pitchfork that they will be closing the label completely:

When asked about the future of the label and its leadership, Bohrman responded to Pitchfork, “We decided to fold the label.” When asked if Burger would still continue as the rebranded BRGR RCRDS, Bohrman replied, “Nope.” Asked for further comment, he linked to a clip of Porky Pig saying “that’s all folks.” Burger’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts have all been deactivated.

Maroon 5 Bassist Arrested for Domestic Violence

Maroon 5

Mara Siegler, writing for Page Six:

Maroon 5 bassist Mickey Madden was arrested Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles following an allegation of domestic violence.

The LAPD confirmed to Page Six the charge against Madden, 41, is California penal code 273.5(a), which means that someone willfully inflicted a “traumatic” injury on a spouse or cohabitant.