Sponsor: Listen to MxPx’s New Album & Watch the New Video


MxPx released a new album on Friday. As you can probably see, thanks to the pretty purple header on the website, the band is sponsoring the website all month. This is a pretty awesome collaboration given the website’s long history with the band.

So, if you haven’t checked out the band’s new album yet … what are you waiting for? The end of summer is here and some good old fashioned uplifting pop-punk jams are just what the season calls for.

And following a weekend of livestreams, the band has released a new video for “Cautiously Optimistic.”

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Sponsor: Ryan Terrigno Releases Two New Songs

Ryan Terrigno

Ryan Terrigno recently released two new songs “I Can Still Break Your Heart” (a love song, despite the title) and “Get Lost” (indie-pop anthem with stomp-clap choruses). Both of these songs come from the upcoming album Alive & Well, produced by Alex Dezen. Ryan has a long history in the music industry and after taking some time away to start a family is just now finding his way back to making music. Check out the lyric video for “I Can Still Break Your Heart” and the full bio below.

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Sponsor: ‘Our Extended Universe’ Book Release


Our Extended Universe, the new novel from Dane Johns, author of The Futile, is out now.

Our Extended Universe is the story of two teenagers dealing with anxiety and failure who find themselves on an unlikely summer adventure after inexplicably matching as siblings through a DNA site. Much like The Futile, Our Extended Universe is full of nods to the punk/indie community with references to Phoebe Bridgers, My Chemical Romance, The Weakerthans, and many more. Our Extended Universe is available now everywhere books are sold online. Special orders through the author’s Bandcamp will receive a deluxe bundle including a signed copy, bookmarks, stickers, and a handmade limited edition OEU zine signed and numbered.

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