The Republic of Wolves Talk New Album

The Republic of Wolves

The Republic of Wolves recently spoke with Sputnikmusic:

Those kinds of concepts have always been an integral part of our songwriting, since mythology, history, and religion are things that fascinate all of us on a personal level. I’ve personally spent years studying those sorts of topics, so they’re just the references I return to most. On a deeper level I think we all have a strong appreciation for lyrics that take a listener out of their present circumstances and paint a vivid picture of something foreign and mysterious, so that’s often what we’re trying to do. I think that helps to illustrate broader themes of alienation and confusion and fear, and creates this parallel artistic world where those types of feelings can be indulged and understood more fully. If we can create a colorful, distinctive, and memorable image for something that otherwise eludes definition, then that’s a cathartic process both for us as writers and (hopefully) for the listeners.

The Republic of Wolves – “Northern Orthodox” (Song Premiere)

The Republic of Wolves

The Republic of Wolves have been teasing new music over the past week and today we’re excited to bring you a brand new song from the band called “Northern Orthodox.” You can stream that below. The band has described their new music as trying to revisit a darker and heavier sound and explore that side of their influences. Mason described the song by saying:

“Northern Orthodox” is the eighth chapter of a story that will hopefully be told in full on our upcoming full-length album. It’s also our first song whose musical composition was inspired entirely by a dream.

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Review: The Republic of Wolves – No Matter How Narrow

The Republic of Wolves - No Matter How Narrow

Each new The Republic of Wolves album seems to marginally overshadow the previous. Varuna expanded on the Brand New worshiping His Old Branches EP and their Cartographer EP was even better than Varuna. Enters No Matter How Narrow, here to claim the title of The Republic of Wolves’ masterpiece. 

Whereas their previous three releases had been dark, brooding affairs, …Narrow is a bit lighter. This is apparent first even from the album cover – this one is white and gold and blue, while Varuna’s was brown and red and navy. But it’s the music that’s important. The choruses present are catchier than in the past, the guitar riffs are brighter than before, there’s less screaming present on this release. And when screaming is utilized, it’s done in a more sparing fashion, just to accentuate. A perfect example of this is the bridge of “Pioneers,” which finds only ten seconds of screaming for emphasis. 

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Review: The Republic of Wolves – His Old Branches

The Republic of Wolves - His Old Branches

As any aspiring musician can tell you, it is damn near impossible to get noticed anymore. Standing out from the hordes of tweens throwing up Garage Band tracks on all-too-similar looking myspace pages is the now almost as tough as getting your demo tape heard by someone at a record label used to be. Every now and then though, a new band is able to break through, and rise above the white noise of everything and everyone else. But it’s still pretty amazing that when viral marketing has jumped the shark, and people aren’t haphazardly clicking on cryptic links like they once were, a previously unknown band from Long Island would end up riding a brilliant wave of unintentional guerilla marketing into the scene spotlight.

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