Ticketfly Hacker Stole More Than 26 Million Email and Home Addresses

Kris Holt, writing at Engadget:

A hacker has leaked personal information for more than 26 million Ticketfly users after last week’s data breach. That’s according to Troy Hunt, the founder of Have I Been Pwned, which lets you check whether your email address has been included in various data breaches.

The hacker posted several Ticketfly database files to a public server, and Hunt found that they contained 26,151,608 email addresses. Many users’ names, phone numbers and home and billing addresses were also compromised.

Tickeyfly Still Down

Tickeyfly is still down. Hypebot reports:

More than 30 hours after it first went dark, Ticketfly and the sites of many of the major venues and promoters it services are still offline. […] Code left on the Ticketfly site points to the hacker group IsHaKdZ, who appears to be demanding a ransom.

I’ve seen a lot of bands and tours affected by this.