The Riff Raff News Is Just an Excuse to Write About Waterparks

Riff Raff would like to collaborate with Waterparks. Speaking of Waterparks, I must not have been paying attention to the band’s song ”Little Violence” when I listened to it a few months back, because I totally missed this part:

I wanna be a sellout just to piss y’all off
While absolutepunk’s sucking off beard-punk songs
Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a review
And if that goes well, maybe a feature too

This is pretty funny. I do love me some beard-punk.

Interview: Waterparks (Video)

Waterparks are not the average pop-punk band. In fact, I think I’d argue they are on the verge of stardom. Lead singer Awsten Knight landed the cover of Alternative Press Magazine’s Warped Tour issue, and as the band explains in this interview, they have already been stalked by Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn — who gave his stamp of approval. You’ll find my full video interview with the band at this year’s Warped Tour below.