Albums in Stores – Sep 29th, 2023

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’68 – Yes, And…
311 – Music (30th Anniversary Edition)
Andrew Cushin – Waiting For The Rain
Animal Collective – Isn’t It Now?discuss
Armand Hammer – We Buy Diabetic Test Strips
Asinhell – Impii Hora
Atena – Subway Anthem
BEAR – Vanta
BVDLVD – Absence
Black Stone Cherry – Screamin’ At The Sky
Blackbriar – A Dark Euphony
Blodet – Death Mother
Blonde Redhead – Sit Down For Dinner
Blood Command – World Domination
Broken Vow – Anthropocene
Caged – From Roving About The Earth
Cherry Glazerr – I Don’t Want You Anymore
Code Orange – The Abovediscuss
Collapse Under The Empire – Recurring
Datarock – Media Consumption Pyramid
Del Water Gap – I Miss You Already + I Haven’t Left Yet
Dessa – Bury the Ledediscuss
Diamond Dogs – The Hardest Nut To Crack
Dictator Ship – Electric Jihad
Disguised Malignance – Entering The Gateways
Ed Sheeran – Autumn Variations
Equipment – Alt. Account
Fearing – Destroyer
Filth Is Eternal – Find Out
Friendship Commanders – Mass
Graveyard – 6
Green Day – Dookie (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Grove Street – The Path To Righteousness
Gunship – Unicorn
HAIM – Days Are Gone (10th Anniversary Edition)
Harm’s Way – Common Suffering
Haunt The Woods – Ubiquity
Heavy Lungs – All Gas No Brakes
Heavy Water – Dreams Of Yesterday
Helve – To Be Forgotten
Honeytalks – There’s Hope In Hopeless
Hopesfall – The Satellite Years (2.0)
Iron Altar – Promethean
Jorja Smith – Falling Or Flying
Jorja Smith – falling or flying
KK’s Priest – The Sinner Rides Again
King Nun – Lamb
Koyo – Would You Miss It?
Kylie Minogue – Tension
LP – Love Lines
La Force – XO Skeleton
Maggot Heart – Hunger
Meet Me @ The Altar – Past // Present // Future (Deluxe Edition)
Miley Cyrus – Bangerz (10th Anniversary Edition)
Molly Burch – Daydreamer
Nation of Language – Strange Disciple
Nature Morte – Oddity
Nervosa – Jailbreak
Nik Nocturnal – How To Metal, Vol. 2
Nova Cascade – The Navigator
Of Virtue – Omen
Oliver Tree – Alone In A Crowd
Oneohtrix Point Never – Again
Pleiades – Affinity With
Primordial – How It Ends
Pulses – It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Like This
Random Hand – Random Hand
Red – Rated R
Satanic Tea Co – A Celestial Beating
Semprus – A Fractured Reality
SiM – Playdead
Sky Empire – The Shifting Tectonic Plates Of Power – Part One
Sleep Theory – Paper Hearts
Sleeping With Sirens – Complete Collapse (Deluxe Edition)
Slow Pulp – Yard
Taproot – SC\SSRS
Teenage Fanclub – Nothing Lasts Forever
Termina – Soul Elegy
The Hirsch Effekt – Urian
The Neighbourhood – I Love You (10th Anniversary Edition)
The Sound Of Things Falling – Sceneries II
Wilco – Cousindiscuss
Will Butler + Sister Squares – Will Butler + Sister Squares
Woe – Legacies Of Frailty
Wolves In The Throne Room – Crypt Of Ancestral Knowledge
phem – summer 23
Laurel Halo – Atlas

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