Friday Thoughts (August 17th, 2018)


This week seemed to go by very fast. I feel like I was just typing one of these up and now I’m back again.

  • This week’s podcast episode was a lot of fun. We did a retrospective on The Gaslight Anthem’s The ’59 Sound and I think I’m going to spend the weekend listening to that album again. I will say, recording/editing a podcast episode still does make an entire day basically disappear, but it was worth it this week and I think the episode turned out really well.
  • If you didn’t see it yet, I brought my first impression of the new Thrice album over to the main website and added a new update with how the album’s been holding up.
  • I still laugh thinking about this tweet. I need to share it.
  • I spent a lot of time this week doing a Saves the Day discography deep dive. I hadn’t listened to this band’s albums in a while. I don’t know why they fell out of rotation, but I kept going back to basically only one or two. This week I listened to them all. I forgot how much I enjoy some of the lesser known/loved albums. I still have such a massive spot in my heart for Through Being Cool. I remember the first time I heard it and it was one of those albums that just felt “special” at the time. It was such a great high-school album. I still think it’s up there as one of the best pop-punk albums ever made. I’ve grown to like the trilogy more over the years as well. I still think there’s some stuff on each album that isn’t great, but as a whole, I like it way more than I had I remembered. Great band. I need to make sure to not go so long without listening to these albums next time. Today will be the Bug Sessions and b-sides. (Trying to find a good quality copy of In Reverie was a fun way to spend a day.)
  • Am I the only one not really feeling this Ariana Grande album on first listen? It’s not … bad. But it’s not really grabbing me. I dunno, something about the songs isn’t quite right to me.
  • I still like the new Death Cab. It’s out today and it feels like a great way to end the summer.
  • The new mewithoutYou EP is pretty cool. There’s always something with these guys I like, and then a little thing in the back of my mind always nit-picks something. Here’s it’s the vocals. I want them louder. It’s still good. Full album should be coming in the next few weeks to listen to.
  • New 1975 single is great. I love the diversity they’re showing in these three songs. I’m ready to hear the full thing goddammit. I still think they’re my favorite new band making music right now. They excite me in a way not many other bands do.
  • That new Lit album is hot garbage.
  • We watched Netflix’s Like Father this week. I’ll see anything Kristen Bell is in. It was a nice departure and gave me exactly what I was looking for that night. We also watched Ghost Stories. It was a pretty good, pretty scary, movie. It didn’t quite get elevated, but it was a fun way to spend a night getting creeped out a little. Not as good as the people that love it said, not as bad as the people that hate it. Then we watched Book Club last night and I don’t know why we did that. It was exactly what you expect from that movie.
  • The past week has been a “get ready for the school year” week. Hannah goes back to teaching in two weeks. So, we’ve been trying to get on a better sleep schedule, figure out what a food/cooking/workout schedule can look like, and get our budget all figured out. Hoping we can tackle the budget stuff like we have diet stuff and get that more under control, because we’ve been pretty lackadaisical with that over the past few months. Oops.
  • We got Overcooked 2 for the Switch. Love it so far. We have to try and not burn through the entire thing too quickly and take our time playing each level. Such a fun game though. Great for a few beers and a night on the couch.
  • I bought these Quick Peek storage labels to try and convince myself to actually organize our closet and storage unit. It’s one of the last summer projects I haven’t done yet and it’s eating at my task manager. I cleaned all of the moss off the balcony before I did this. That’s how much I don’t wanna clean and sort our closet space.
  • Finally going to see the new Mission: Impossible tomorrow. Can’t wait. One of my favorite series.
  • Diet wise: Down 16.8 lb since we started. That puts me close to 3 lb away from my goal weight, which, I think is going to be just where I want to be. If I fluctuate a little up or down from that weight I think I’ll be pretty damn happy. It feels like the final stretch now. Probably going to be harder than ever to get these last few pounds to go away though.