Friday Thoughts (August 3rd, 2018)

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This post is made weekly in the supporter only Q&A thread on our forums. I share thoughts about new music out and various other things going on in my life.

This week went by insanely fast. I feel like I was just getting into a groove, and now it’s already Friday. Damn. Bring on the weekend.

  • Most of my music listening this week was a Pennywise discography deep-dive. I hadn’t heard some of their earlier albums in years, but it was a lot of fun to go back and play these very loud. I ordered some of their beer online to give to my college roommate as a gift. One of the first things I asked him (the first time we spoke on the phone to prepare for college) was, “what kind of music do you like?” He said, “Blink-182, Pennywise, stuff like that.” I replied, “yeah, we’ll get along just fine.” Been friends ever since. He just had a kid, so I’m gonna bring him some Pennywise beer on our next hang-session.
  • New Hellogoodbye still getting a lot of plays from me as well. More at night than during the day. Super good summer late-night vibes from this album.
  • I don’t play Foxing as much because of how intense/long of a listen it is. I think fall is going to be where that album really shines.
  • The podcast with Mike Herrera of MxPx is doing really well. Thanks to everyone that checked it out/watched it/listened to it/told someone to check it out. I’ve been blown away by the reaction and response.
  • I think I’m going to start deleting my tweets once a year. I dunno, social media and everything is starting to be such a huge turnoff for me. Seeing tweets be weaponized against people, seeing the toxicity from Twitter/Facebook every day, it bums me out. I think I’m gonna tweet for a year, and then ever August just delete everything and start over. Clean slates are always nice, and I feel like this would free me mentally as well.
  • My mom had surgery yesterday. It went well. She’s at home watching Parks and Recreation, reading, and recovering. And because she’s my mom and can’t stop doing things … also reorganizing the family Christmas ornaments. We’ll know more hopefully in a few weeks.
  • Spent the week working on trying to fix the mobile posting box going behind the keyboard when it expands since that’s one of the last things that really bugs me on the website. It’s driving me batty to get it to work right. Sigh.
  • Isle of Dogs was good. Avengers: Infinity War was pretty good. I don’t have much to say about either though. I didn’t love either of them, but they’re enjoyable enough and I am glad I saw them. Hot Summer Nights was cliché, but I liked it anyway. I like those coming of age kinda movies, and this was that. Weird editing though.
  • Watched lots of Chopped again this week. Still just a fun late at night show. I still haven’t finished Billions but Hannah will be gone for a wedding all next week so I’ve got lots of time to watch stuff. Gonna watch all the animated comic movies she doesn’t wanna watch.
  • The TV came yesterday. It’s incredible. Got everything set up, have to do a little more tweaking, and because my sound system for the old TV was so old (lol component cables) I need to fix that (optical cable should work). New technology is so much better than even a few years ago. It’s bonkers. Very excited to watch stuff on this though. I wish we didn’t have to go to a wedding all day Sunday. Killmenow.
  • Not much new music out this week so I don’t have much to listen to/comment on from that front.
  • Down 14.6lbs since we started this new system and I’ve been working out more. That puts me .4lbs off my goal weight, in almost two months of doing this, and I’m feeling better than ever. I’ve got about another half pound to go, and then I’ll evaluate to see how I feel/look and then move into a more maintenance mode situation. I’ll be excited to get even 100 calories a day back.