Friday Thoughts (July 13th, 2018) Logo

This post is made weekly in the supporter only Q&A thread on our forums. I share thoughts about new music out and various other things going on in my life.

  • It was a good week for getting things done on the website. New features were rolled out to make the website better. Next up is putting together the “notices” system that can put a dismissible banner at the top of pages or send notices to certain groups of users on the website. I can use it to promote things around the website and make it more noticeable than sending alerts/PMs.
  • New Hopesfall is fantastic. Highly recommend giving that a spin to see if it grabs you. Give it three songs at least.
  • New Allie X single is good. Reminds me of Lana Del Rey a little. I love dark pop music.
  • I gave Deafheaven one spin and my god I need more time to even get my head around this one. I liked it.
  • Amy Shark’s new album, Love Monster, is a whole lot of fun. I’m going to be playing this a whole bunch over the next few months. It doesn’t really get elevated, but for what it is, I’m really into it.
  • Wet’s new album isn’t on the level the last one got for me, but it’s good. Curious to see where it goes and grow on me.
  • New Shad song has me pumped for that album.
  • The Vamps’ new album is super boy-band fun. I can fuck with some of this.
  • We finished season two of Riverdale this week. Still a stupid fun show. Like, it’s the best bad show on TV by far. And I find it addicting and can’t stop watching. Love it.
  • Not really much movie watching this week. Just JAWS! ?
  • I’ve been reading The Daily Stoic every day this week. Trying a new morning routine where I don’t start using my computer until I’ve read one lesson/quote and meditated on it. Trying to start my day in a better headspace and, especially, start the day on the website in a good place and I want that to impact how I spend my day. I’ve got a little reminder that reads “you could leave life right now” (a famous stoic phrase) on my desk. Trying to stay focused on that in interactions on the internet.
  • Down 7.8lbs since using MyFitnessPal. Portion control has been key.
  • ”Hold Up a Light” is my favorite track on Thrice’s new album.