Friday Thoughts (July 27th, 2018)


This post is made weekly in the supporter only Q&A thread on our forums. I share thoughts about new music out and various other things going on in my life.

Oh Friday! I am so glad you’re here. Been a long week, but a good week all-in-all.

  • The new Face to Face acoustic album is quite good. It’s got me in a big punk mood this week. This and the acoustic Strung Out album have both been quite good.
  • I spent a lot of time listening to the most recent Pennywise this week (see: above) and I still think this is a really solid album from to back.
  • The new Meg Meyers is pretty good, but I am more drawn to the Amy Shark album still. I’ve played that quite a bit during my late night balcony-think-sessions.
  • New Wild Pink is good! That was a good recommendation and definitely in my wheelhouse. Gives me a little Death Cab for Cutie vibes.
  • I went on a Cartel and Yellowcard kick this week as well. They just make a brand of pop-punk I really enjoy. Cartel’s Cycles is super underrated in the pop-punk world. That’s a damn good album.
  • The new Hellogoodbye is very cool. It’s got this vibe to it that’s hard to describe. It’s lounge-y, it’s late night groovy, and it’s quite catchy. The clip in the video he posted really does capture the sound well. It’s also really heartfelt and I really like it. It takes some ideas from the last album and mixes in some from WIKY a little, but it feels more like its own thing. It’s definitely got a HGB feel to it. It’s going to be an August-October staple for me. Some of the slower songs toward the back half of the album are going to get so many plays late at night as summer ends.
  • The podcast with Mike from MxPx I hope will be up next week. I’ll definitely let you guys know when it’s supposed to air.
  • This week we watched a lot of TV. Hannah had late night rehearsals, so it was a more laid back week of watching things. Lots of Sugar Rush on Netflix. I downloaded a season of Chopped. That’s been a fun “zone out for a bit at the end of the day” show. We also are finally starting season 3 of The Affair. It’s drama popcorn.
  • We watched Tully, which we both really enjoyed. We called the “twist,” but I think that was the point. Good movie though, I really like Jason Reitman as a director. Thank You For Smoking and Up in the Air are two of my favorites and this wasn’t quite up on that level, but still a good movie.
  • We also watched The Endless. This was a good sci-fi movie. It’s low-budget, it’s a little slow, but it has a really cool vibe. Reminded me a little of Primer, The Invitation, and Coherence. Good, low-budget, but totally worth seeing. I’d recommend it (and the others mentioned) if you’re looking for something a little weird and well done.
  • I thought I had fixed a posting annoyance on the forums, but after rolling it out, I realized I screwed up a few things. Oops. I should have done more testing. Going to keep working on that today and through next week to try and get it right before rolling it back out. After that, the “link embed” idea I was talking about earlier is next on the list to dive into, do some testing/coding, and see if it’ll work right.
  • We ordered the new TV. It’s funny, 6 years into the relationship and this is our first “big” purchase together. We hadn’t gone in on anything together of this size before, so that’s pretty cool. I bought a new 4K Apple TV to go along with it, because gotta get that 4K action, and we plan to watch Fury Road as our first movie on it when it comes next Thursday. We’re very excited.
  • Down 12.2lbs since we started this diet/working out/tracking calories. Lowest I’ve been since March of 2017. This feels like the first time we’ve got a system that will work longterm too. The accountability and tracking each day makes it much harder to spike back up if you’re following what you’ve set. So, I’m excited about that. I’m also drinking 2 to 3 times as much water each day and I think that’s led to a more, overall, feeling of healthiness.