2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift - 2021

For the past few years, I’ve put together a little gift guide in December full of things that I think make great gifts and are a lot of fun to give or receive for the holidays. This year it took me a little longer to get some time to write, and this week I’m on vacation, so, I finally found a minute to sit down and see what I could come up with. So, here we are, probably too late. Everything on the list is something I’ve used and enjoyed and recommend. I have recommendations posts for software, headphones, and miscellaneous stuff around the house, so the things on this list will be more focused on stuff not included in those posts and geared toward things I’ve come across in the past year or so and think would make good gifts.

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Under $10

Qwixx: A Fast Family Dice Game
This a fun little game that can be played with as few as two people. During COVID times I spent a lot of time looking for two player games, and this was one of the better ones I found.

Under $25

Three Pianos: A Memoir by Andrew McMahon
A great book for anyone, but definitely for any fan of Andrew’s.

Sellout: The Major-Label Feeding Frenzy That Swept Punk, Emo, and Hardcore
Looking for the history of the sellout bands? You know all those bands that signed to a major label and the internet at one point had very loud opinions about? This is a well researched deep dive into their stories. If you read this website, I’m pretty sure this will be in your wheelhouse.

Under $50

The Beatles: Get Back Book
An excellent accompanying hardback book for the Disney+ documentary.

TruBlu MFG Stainless Steel SS Mini
I’ve purchased more novelty desk toys than any person probably should. Most of them end up in a drawer within a few months. However, this one has stayed out on my desk and become my go to little fidget toy. It’s nicely made with a hefty weight to it, but discreet and perfect to play with while on video calls.

Soundwave Art Paper – Favorite Song Night Sky Print
The basic idea is you send in an mp3 or link to a song, and then they print out a soundwave of the song. You can customize the colors and the ability to custom pick any song makes this Highly recommended for the sentimental music fan.

Website Subscriptions
These days there are a bunch of websites and newsletters that have membership programs. The holidays are a great time to gift one of these memberships to a friend or family member, and trust me, as someone that runs one, it goes a long way to helping your favorite website as well. Some of the websites I recommend checking out their membership packages include: MacStories, Relay.fm, SixColors, Popular.info, and ATP.

Under $100

Raspberry Pi + HyperPixel
Doing a little self-plug, but if you know someone that’s a little techie, this could be a fun project to get them the various parts for them to hack around on. Again, I’m bias, but I had a whole lot of fun building out the Now Playing device linked here.

Bullstrap Leather Products
I can recommend the iPhone cases and their Apple Watch straps. Quality made products backed by excellent customer service.

Tactile Turn Pens
Incredible craftsmanship and some beautiful designs. I love their bolt action pens.

Myles Apparel Hoodies
I’m a big fan of these hoodies and can confirm they hold up to the Oregon weather.

Over $100

I don’t have much for this section, but if you’re into spending more money than you probably should on a bathrobe gift, I can recommend Outlier and Parachute, depending on your preferred style.

I still think streaming services are a great yearly gift. Apple Music, Disney+, or one of the services you don’t have is great way to gift a year of entertainment.

Any Amount

Ask your friends and family to donate to the ACLU, National Bail Fund Network, EFF, or other non-profits of your choice.

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