Advance Music Culture (Encore Episode 124)

Encore - 124

This week’s episode of Encore looks at “advance music culture” and what the expectations are for music bloggers that get sent music in advance. Has the music press become too “braggy”? Does talking about an album too much ruin the album for fans by building up expectations too high? What about bands that don’t want anyone to “hype” up their albums? Alongside the main topic we talk about Captan America: Civil War, Radiohead, Modern Baseball, and answer a few listener questions as well. You’ll find all the download and subscription information below, and, as always — thanks for listening.


  • Safely: Check out the band’s new album right now — pick it up, listen to it, enjoy their music. You can also find the band on Bandcamp.

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Show Notes

  • Captain America: Civil War.
  • Encore will be moving to a bi-weekly release schedule.
  • Main topic for the day — “album advance culture.” We talk about people who tweet about / write about albums they have before their release, and whether this is useful or harmful, and how we think is the best way to go about doing this.
  • News: Radiohead release an album, there’s a new Justin Timberlake song, and Modern Baseball is streaming its new album.
  • Listener questions: On showing up late to shows on purpose to only catch the headliner, and on Apple Music “stealing” your files.
  • JT Recommends: Blaqk Audio – Material; new Justin Timberlake song, new Radiohead album, and the new Chorus logo should be coming soon.
  • TN Recommends: Bad Timing Records’ “spring cleaning” sale.


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