Bored to Death (Encore Episode 123)

Encore 123

This week’s episode of Encore spends a lot of time talking about all of the Blink-182 news over the past week. We talk about the band’s new song, their new album, the entire thing about the song going up a day early and what happened there, and the band’s massive upcoming tour. We also talk a little about the new Drake album, answer a couple of listener questions, and, of course, talk about beer and basketball as well. You can find all the information to stream and/or download the episode below. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  • Safely: Pre-orders are up for the new EP right now — pick it up and get an instant download of the album.
  • American XO: Grab the new song “Brain Dead” for free on Soundcloud right now and check out other EPs as well.

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Show Notes

  • Brooklyn Brewery, switching from Chrome to Safari, other mishmash topics.
  • Brand New’s MySpace presence.
  • It’s a blink-182-a-palooza. Their new song, “Bored To Death,” is streaming and California will be released on July 1. The band has announced a huge late summer tour with A Day To Remember and rotating appearances from All Time Low and All American Rejects. There’s lots more blink-182 news on the site, including Jason’s playlist of underappreciated blink tracks.
  • Drake released Views on Apple Music and it apparently went Gold in one day.
  • @dyke_alexander: since Beyonce’s marketing is perfect for her albums, what do you suggest to a band just starting out?
  • @PourAdvice: Have you ever had a mood determine how you take in an album? Normally it’s the other way around… A few months ago I was having a terrible stretch at work and was trying to get into Foxing. I now associate that album with those feelings. Do you think that it’s something you can change?
  • JT Recommends: Bill Simmons’ podcast with Chris Sacca, new PUP, new Saosin, Beyoncé’s album, The Thermals, new Drake, all of blink-182’s discography, currently watching iZombie and Silicon Valley is back.
  • TN Recommends: Watching random episodes of Archer (Netflix should have a “shuffle” button), revisited The Mountain Goats and The Sunset Tree is marvelous, also I’m selling the microphone I used to use to record this show so feel free to get in touch with me if you want a starter USB microphone on the cheap.


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