(Episode 119)

Encore 119

It was difficult finding something to talk about on this week’s episode of Encore. We almost thought about just continuing our little hiatus because we just weren’t sure if we had any good topics. We ended up settling on one and pretty much spend an hour or so discussing this new website, what led to its creation, some of the decisions made along the way, and what we hope the future holds. This episode is kinda like The Format’s “I’m Actual” and I feel a little awkward spending the whole time talking about me, but, we got it out of the way. Next week we’ll be back with a more regular episode about news and answering questions and stuff. Feel free to hit up the comments (click the little quote button on this post) and let us know if you have anything you’d like us to touch on. Thanks for dealing with our little break — we’re really excited to be back.


Show Notes

  • We are back, baby, yeah! Here we are. We haven’t recorded in about a month.
  • While we were gone, Jason shut down AbsolutePunk and has become a recluse. He now stands on the top of a large mountain all day, every day, waiting for a potential Jedi apprentice to find him and reunite him with a long-lost lightsaber which has no business ever being found as it fell down an enormous, potentially endless shaft into the core of a planet. A helicopter constantly circles around his location waiting to capture the moment a promising Force-sensitive youth joins him amongst a beautiful, lush backdrop.
  • Okay, only part of that is true. Jason bought AbsolutePunk back from Spin Media and now is the new place to go for your music news and everything else you want to read about. We talk about this a lot; this episode is basically Thomas interviewing Jason about it. There aren’t any real show notes aside from a few links we mention, so have fun listening!
  • Jason’s first post on / last post on AbsolutePunk.
  • Commemorative Logo Pin.
  • Thomas’ post about the end of
  • JT Recommends: Thrice, our heart pins (more coming soon!), and being a member.
  • TN Recommends: Forrister.


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