It’s Been Too Long (Encore Episode 134)

Encore 134

It’s been a few weeks since Thomas and I have sat down and talked, so we really enjoyed catching up on this episode of Encore. There’s some talk about new Apple products, AirPods, Apple Watches, and then a lengthy talk about seeing Blink-182 live and all the bands that opened for them on their recent tour. We end with a bunch of really fun listener questions about albums, music, life, an and had a blast trying to decide what band we’d want to see if we could travel anywhere in the world. This is a fun one.


The Sound and The Story: This a podcast where each episode tackles one album. The latest episode is all about Brand New’s classic ‘The Devil and God…’ and it’s going to be right in the wheelhouse for our listeners. Check it out today

American XO: Once again American XO have sponsored this podcast and this time they are promoting their new single “Hang The Bourgeoisie.” The single is up for a free download on SoundCloud, and we play a little bit of the song on this episode. The band’s EPs are also on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Show Notes

  • Pre-show: We are recording early. This is Episode 134 but we recorded on September 21, so if some of this stuff is boring to you, blame all of the past — your entire personal past and entire life. Jason saw blink-182, and fell in love with A Day To Remember. Old men, they are just like you teens!
  • Lots of chatter about the Apple Event. See how old this episode is now? We go deep on the lack of a headphone jack and AirBuds … no, sorry, that’s the cinematic masterpiece featuring a dog who’s very good at sports … I meant AirPods. Tweet @ThomasNassiff if you actually enjoy reading the show notes.
  • Listener questions: How many singles should you release from an album? How many is too many? How does Jason feel about the current state of and its forums? We will talk about best autumn records for Jake in much more depth on probably the next podcast. Do we worry about our hearing and do we wear “ear protection” at shows? Something about Paramore. We can see any band play anywhere in the world for free — who, and where?
  • If we talked about anything else….I don’t remember.
  • JT Recommends: You’re The Worst Season 3, new Yellowcard album, new Jimmy Eat World album.
  • TN Recommends: For the life of me I cannot remember what I recommended at all. I did write a thing about AirPods on my blog,, if that interests you.


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