Pop-Punk Ladder (Episode 102)

Encore 102

This week on Encore the pop-punk ladder explains to me what it means to be “posi.” I learn something new about all these youngins every day. This week’s topics include: Basketball is back, the Star Wars trailer was released and watched, some bands do “follow backs” on Twitter and that’s kinda weird, music being listening to exclusively on YouTube, advice for someone wanting to be a music producer, Spotify vs Victory Records vs Streetlight Manifesto, Adele, Google Play Podcasts, the new Apple TV, and favorite singles so far in 2015. Please note: This is the last week you can get a t-shirt if you want one! So pick one up. You’ll find show notes, ways to subscribe, and links to stream and/or downloaded this episode in the replies.

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Show Notes

  • Last chance to get our Teespring shirt — different colors and sizes for men and women!
  • Happy birthday to Thomas, who can now rent cars without paying an extra fee.
  • Following people back on Twitter: Panic At The Disco is going it. Cool or not cool?
  • Jason witnessed a youth on a plane listening to music for two hours via the YouTube app on her phone. WTF?!?!!?!
  • The Star Wars trailer. I mean, the Star Wars trailer. We discuss our plans for watching the film.
  • Listener questions:
    • When did we stop pushing up to the front of the crowd / going into the pit at shows?
    • Why are some record labels not including download cards in their LPs?
    • What do we think of The Wonder Years’ weekly Spotify playlists? Do we want to see more bands do that?
    • What’s our favorite single track released this year?
    • Any advice for aspiring music producers?
  • Spotify removes Victory Records’ catalog from its service. Victory is seeking royalties; so is Streetlight Manifesto, though, from Victory. Victory appears to be suing Streetlight Manifesto. Tony Brummel once wrote emails to Steve Jobs within which he sure comes across as a jackass!
  • Speaking of Apple, we both bought the new Apple TV. Excited to have Apple Music on it with universal search.
  • Google is getting into the podcast realm — we’re pretty sure our show will be included on their directory.
  • Adele is back with a new song and an album out November 20. That’s Black Friday. She’s one of the only artists left in the world who can sell 1 million records in a week and she’s going straight for the throat with that release date.
  • JT Recommends: Pick up a T-shirt, The Last Girls, The Martian, Star Wars tickets, The 1975’s “Love Me” video.
  • TN Recommends: Pick up a T-shirt, RedLetterMedia review of The Phantom Menace, Georgia Tech, Modern Baseball – MoBo Presents: The Perfect Cast EP feat. Modern Baseball, Basement – “Promise Everything,” Sorry Internet podcast.

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