Song Clip Fiasco (Encore Episode 122)

Encore 122

On this week’s episode of Encore we mourn the passing of Prince, discuss Beyoncé’s surprise album release and look how perfect the marketing behind this roll out seemed to be, and try and predict what the new Blink-182 song you’ve all heard would sound like three days early. We discuss Bayside’s new album, The Hotelier releasing a new song, and then tackle some listener questions. We discuss the “image” of bands, our favorite vinyl, how we read websites and why, and then debate if we can declare that emo has been “revived.”


The Ivins: These two red-bearded brothers – Jim and Jack Ivins – are from Richmond, VA and have just put out a new EP. We play a clip of “Stockholm Syndrome” on this episode and you should go check these guys out and like them on Facebook and all that so you can be notified when their new album comes out.

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Show Notes

  • RIP Prince, one of the last remaining superstars that were truly superstars. Madonna remains from that tip-top level for Jason. Prince hit #1 and #2 on the Billboard 200 following his passing.
  • Beyoncé dropped her visual album Lemonade on HBO and Tidal. It went up on iTunes a bit later. We compare it to Kanye’s latest album release process (or non-process).
  • We’d like to acknowledge that a blink-182 song is out there in the world, but we didn’t talk about it since it wasn’t out yet when we recorded. However, Thomas already has an opinion on it. He thinks it’s fine.
  • Bayside will release their seventh album Vacancy in August, and tour with The Menzingers (new album imminent?) and Sorority Noise.
  • The Hotelier released a new single, “Soft Animal,” at 3pm on a Friday.
  • We had some listener questions:
    • Adam Samiljan: Following on the last episode where you discussed using Spotify, Apple Music,, etc. for discovery, when someone suggests a new artist for you to check out, do you ever look them up on YouTube to get an idea of the band’s imagery in addition to their music?
    • @DerekIreland87: What’s your favorite LP and why? Also, can you please recommend a decent cheap record player for starting out?
    • @tweetingmumble: How much time do you spend on the edit of the podcast? And how much is edited out?
    • @Eric_Sweatshrt: With bands like The Hotelier, TWIABP, MoBo, Foxing, Into It. Over It., etc, do you think emo has finally been “revived” and now represents the current state of rock?
    • @david_parke: You mention people “visiting a site” multiple times a day. I love rss/ feedly. Do you really prefer visiting?
  • JT Recommends: Madonna’s whole discography. The Bombpops. Not On Tour – Bad Habits. Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth. Started Horace and Pete.
  • TN Recommends: Carrie, the first novel by Stephen King; Bruce Springsteen’s cover of “Purple Rain” is a free download right now, Start-Up’s third season just started.


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