The Ultimate Bayside Setlist


For this week’s playlist I’m honored to be continuing the recent trend of “Ultimate Setlists” with one of my favorite bands: Bayside. Last year Bayside celebrated their 15th anniversary and this year they’re bringing us a brand new album titled Vacancy — due out August 19th. To commemorate the release the band is heading out with The Menzingers and Sorority Noise on what promises to be one of the best tours of the summer. So what better time to really dive into Bayside’s expansive catalog?

The rules: 22 songs, including a two song encore.

With six full length albums, an acoustic LP, a covers EP, and plenty of miscellaneous bonus tracks, it wasn’t easy to narrow this one down. But I think what I’ve put together is a fair representation of everything Bayside has to offer. Check out the full track listing below and stream it on Spotify.

Did I miss your favorite song? Want to tell me that I’ve made a huge mistake? Head on over to the forums to air your grievances.

Track Listing

  • The Walking Wounded
  • Killing Time
  • Stuttering
  • Montauk
  • Masterpiece
  • Blame It On Bad Luck
  • I Can’t Go On
  • Head On A Plate
  • Time Has Come
  • What And What Not
  • Sick, Sick, Sick
  • Pigsty
  • Already Gone
  • I and I
  • The Ghost of St. Valentine
  • Talking of Michaelangelo
  • Duality
  • Just Enough To Love You
  • Don’t Call Me Peanut
  • The Whitest Lie


  • Megan
  • Devotion and Desire