The Ultimate Motion City Soundtrack Setlist

Motion City Soundtrack

Last week I brought you the first installment in the “Ultimate Setlist” playlist. This week, I’m doing it again. This time it’s for one of my all-time favorite acts, Motion City Soundtrack. I’m not ready to pour one out, but the band recently embarked on their farewell tour, and I figured now would be as good a time as any to try and curate a career-spanning setlist. No pressure, right? Same rules as last time: 22 songs including a two song encore. The full track listing is below and you can find the playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

I received great feedback on last week’s setlist and I loved the discussion of Jimmy Eat World’s discography and all of the posts sharing ultimate setlists. I even liked all of the people (rightfully or wrongfully) telling me I was wrong for not including a certain song. One quick reminder though is that this is not intended as a best of playlist, but rather a dream setlist. So some songs I can’t imagine the band playing, or that don’t quite fit right in the sequence, may not make the cut. With that said, definitely click that quote bubble to join us in the forums and let me know what you think, create your own setlist, and throw out ideas for other bands you think would work perfectly with this kind of playlist.

Track Listing

  1. The Weakends
  2. My Favorite Accident
  3. Attractive Today
  4. Can’t Finish What You Started
  5. Her Words Destroyed My Planet
  6. When You’re Around
  7. It Had To Be You
  8. Mary Without Sound
  9. Broken Heart
  10. Worker Bee
  11. Indoor Living
  12. Time Turned Fragile
  13. Red Dress
  14. L.G. FUAD
  15. Timelines
  16. Disappear
  17. Last Night
  18. Hold Me Down
  19. I Can Feel You
  20. The Future Freaks Me Out


  1. Even If It Kills Me
  2. Everything Is Alright