All Time Low Are at an All Time High

 Gab Ginsberg, writing at Billboard about the story behind All Time Low’s smash hit “Monsters:”

Next, ATL and FBR intend to continue chipping away at pop radio and Hot AC, where Poleman says “Monsters” will continue to grow (“The more it gets familiar, the more it’s going to continue to go up the charts”). The band recently returned to the studio, too, and Poleman already sounds excited about the early material he’s heard. “I think they’ll be able to follow this up with another hit and then hopefully a longer string,” he hints. “They’re in a good groove right now.”

While the band may be busy plotting their next creative move (“it’s felt good to stay sharp and keep the gears turning since we haven’t had anything else, really, to do,” says Gaskarth of being back in the studio), they’re also taking the time to appreciate the moment for what it is. “It’s wild to us that sixteen years into a career, we’re having a song resonate with people the way it is,” he says. “It’s amazing to still be making music that feels current and relevant and has the place in the world.”