‘Billions’ Star Challenges Emmys Male-Female Acting Categories


Debra Birnbaum, writing for Variety, on how Billions star Asia Kate Dillon has been talking with the Television Academy about the gender specific classifications for acting categories:

That the star would be a contender for the upcoming Emmy Awards is a given — but when Showtime asked which category Dillon wanted to be submitted under, Dillon had to give it some thought. The performer identifies as gender non-binary, and choosing between “supporting actor” and “supporting actress” sparked a conversation — as well as some homework.


Dillon hopes this sparks a larger conversation about category definitions overall, given that writing and directing aren’t gender-specific. “I can only speak to the world in which I wish to live,” says Dillon. “I think this is a really good place to start a larger conversation about the categories themselves, and what changes are possible and what may or may not be coming. I’m excited to see what other people think, and what they want to say once they become aware of this.”

Billions has been great this year and Asia’s character is a clear standout.