Bring ‘Ted Lasso’ Energy Into Your Life!

Maureen Ryan, writing at Vanity Fair:

In the final month of this terrible year, I’m here to celebrate the achievements of a white man who is manifestly unqualified for his job. No, I did not expect to end up here. But then—and I am the first person to point this out—2020 has been incredibly weird and tough.

The man in question is a mustachio’ed gent named Ted Lasso, and while he may have his share of flaws and blind spots, which he would freely admit, I am here to tell you that Ted Lasso the show is just fucking delightful. It’s not only an entertaining antidote to craptacular 2020, it also provides the kind of energy and ideas we should absolutely bring into 2021. But before I explain why Ted Lasso is not just good but Important, here’s a brief explainer of what it is. I’m not going to spoil any key plot points, because I want you to watch it, and thank me later.

Great review for a great series.