Cool App: PodcastMenu


I’ve been singing the praises of Overcast for playing podcasts on iOS devices for quite a while now. It’s easily one of the most used apps on my phone and with the latest update allowing me to upload my own files to it, it’s becoming my audiobook player of choice as well. The app has always had a web interface that works well enough when I’m on my desktop computer, but I came across this awesome little menu bar app that lets you control the interface using the media keys on your keyboard.

If you’re like me, sometimes you’ll be listening to a podcast and need to quickly pause to think while writing a snarky blog post or check an email, and being able to use the built-in keys on the keyboard to do this really is a game changer. If you use Overcast and are looking for a way to bring your podcasts, and where you’ve left off in them, to your Mac — give this a look.