Forum Highlight: “Chorus Music Club Society”

One of the best parts of our forum community are the bonds people create over introducing someone to a new band, or album, they haven’t heard before. One of the great ways this happens is in the “Chorus Music Club Society” thread. As the brainchild of forum user Bad Frequencies I figured it was best to have him describe it:

The Chorus Music Club Society (CMCS) is a music trade and review club that functions like a book club and is a gateway to get exposed to music you wouldn’t have thought to listen to before and expose others to your favorites. Each session, which runs Monday through the following Monday, you are partnered with someone different. The two of you talk and decide between 1-2 albums to trade with eachother at the beginning of the session that the other hasn’t heard before. Throughout the week, you listen to the albums your partner has given you and when you have a good grasp on it, report back and review it (why you liked/didn’t like it, favorite/least favorite songs, rating, RIYL and so on).

There is no length requirement for the review, they can be as long or short as you like, as long as it expresses your feelings on the album. This allows you to meet people you wouldn’t have met before on the threads, listen to artists you might not have thought to listen to, and share your favorites with others in a sense of community and a sharing of love for music. Many of us have discovered new favorite albums this way! On top of this, we also have added reviews of concerts you have been to as well as release day reviews, which are optional.

It’s very simple to join, simply contact Bad Frequencies or post in the thread saying you want to join or have questions.

Jason Tate
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