Marco Arment’s Bluetooth Headphones Mega-Review

Marco Arment has published his mega-review of Bluetooth headphones:

My criteria for this review is what someone seeking good all-around headphones today probably wants:

  • Bluetooth
  • Closed-back for isolation, ideally with active noise cancellation (ANC)
  • Portable enough to fit in a small bag; suitable for listening at a desk, bringing on an airplane, and wearing outside
  • Definitely under $500, and ideally under $300

For everyday use I’ve been using AirPods for the past few months and absolutely love them. I listen to almost exclusively podcasts or audiobooks with them, but they’re fine for music.1 If you’re looking for where to start with Bluetooth headphones, this is a good resource.

  1. Most of the time if I’m listening to music it’s playing via speakers or I’m at my computer where I use a wired pair of headphones.