Max of Eve 6 Not Writing a Memoir

Eve 6

Max of Eve 6 was going to write a book, now he’s effectively writing a blog, the first entry is up and if all of it’s like this, this will be a must read:

The success that we had happened because we were middle class kids who lived in Los Angeles, whose parents could afford to buy us instruments and drive us to gigs. There was some talent involved, sure, just not that much. Our hit song was more a product of guilelessness naivete than talent. A willingness to turn phrases that ought not be turned because the syllables punched. A process we could repeat but never match in entertainment value because it was accidental. This kind of thing isn’t easy to admit. You spend years taking credit for your successes and blaming your failures on others, but the thing that the truth sets you free from is the shackles of your own ego, and as my first sponsor who was equal parts simple minded and brilliant used to say “your ego, my friend, is not your amigo.”