No Sleep Records Launches Kickstarter

No Sleep Records

No Sleep Records has launched a Kickstarter to try and save the label:

On September 10th, as I was making preparations to receive inventory, I learned that Awesome Merch had been locked out of their commercial space, and that the landlord has taken possession of everything inside.

Every piece of inventory No Sleep has is in that warehouse. From apparel, records, CD’s, even test presses. My heart sank. I’m in shock. I’m devastated.

I immediately got in touch with my lawyer, and am in the process of seeing what we can do to rectify this nightmare situation and to see if we can recover from these damages. As of now I have no real answer on if we will get our inventory back, what will have to be done to try and rectify the situation or what the outcome will be.

This is a big loss for No Sleep. After an already tough couple of years due to COVID-19.