The Data and God Are Raging Inside Me

Gwilym Lockwood has attempted to look at the Spotify data and map out Brand New’s music over the years:

My clustering algorithm identified three main types of Brand New songs:

1: “Hard and upbeat” (Loud, high energy, more dancey, higher valence)
2: “Soft and quiet” (Acoustic, low energy, quiet)
3: “Hard and intense” (Loud, high energy, less dancey, lower valence)

Your Favorite Weapon has a lot of type 1 songs (e.g. Seventy Times 7), while Devil and God has a lot of type 3 songs (e.g. You Won’t Know). Science Fiction has an even spread of all three. Hover over the points for more information, and click the cluster guide or the points to highlight the data across the graphs.

There’s some pretty interesting stuff to play around with here.