The Lawrence Arms Break Down New Album

The Lawrence Arms

The Lawrence Arms do a track-by-track break down of their new album over at BrooklynVegan:

In a way this is a biblical reference, yes. But in a more real way, it’s about finding your place of peace in a hostile world. In the MOST real way, this is a song that I wrote after Chris and I had discussed his suggestion for the album title Skeleton Coast and once we kinda settled on that, it was really inspiring to me. The inception of the notion of the skeleton coast into this sheaf of songs, as well as the idea to title the album Skeleton Coast, both Chris’s, but we both work back and forth and, I THINK, respond to each other’s thoughts and words and vibes until we wind up with a record of cohesive tunes that are coming from the same team soul. This was my “YO! I’m all in on this concept” offering. Also, Chris’s solo in the interlude has this vaguely twisted but otherwise classic vintage vibe that gives me the creeps in the absolutely best possible way, and his whimsical “aaaaahs” under the bridge before the last chorus…Quite possibly my favorite vocal performance on this whole album.