The Stoner Arms Dealers: The Story Behind ‘War Dogs’

Rolling Stone

The movie War Dogs is coming out next week and I finally sat down to read the Rolling Stone piece by Guy Lawson from 2011 about the story the movie is based on. A gripping read.

Packouz was baffled, stoned and way out of his league. “It was surreal,” he recalls. “Here I was dealing with matters of international security, and I was half-baked. I didn’t know anything about the situation in that part of the world. But I was a central player in the Afghan war — and if our delivery didn’t make it to Kabul, the entire strategy of building up the Afghanistan army was going to fail. It was totally killing my buzz. There were all these shadowy forces, and I didn’t know what their motives were. But I had to get my shit together and put my best arms-dealer face on.”