Underoath Is Raising the Bar for Livestream Concerts


Bryan Rolli, writing at Forbes:

The other goal of the Underoath: Observatory is to compensate for all the touring revenue lost this year. Early metrics suggest the band will easily achieve that. When Facebook published their new online store early a few Thursdays ago, 100 fans placed orders within the hour. The band played up the technical hiccup, emailing refunds and inviting fans back the following Monday with the code “UNDEROATHPATIENTZERO.” 

Roughly 80 people opened the email; within the first 10 seconds of relaunching the store, 280 people had visited the site with a conversion rate of $800 per email. Underoath passed the six-figure threshold in the first two days of sales. 

Not only does the Observatory have the potential to match the gross of a major six-week tour, but without the accompanying expenses—buses, gas, flights, hotels, freight and a full road crew—the band members and limited crew could walk away with significantly more money in their pockets. 

Not bad, not bad at all.