Anthony Green – “A Reason To Stay” Video

Anthony Green has released his new video for “A Reason To Stay.” He and his wife, Meredith Green, also spoke with Billboard about how beating heroin addiction inspired his latest album:

This album is just a celebration of the realness of relationships, which is sometimes very shitty. I can’t imagine anybody in my life I’ve been more vulnerable with than my wife. That also leaves you very wide open for shots. You sort of walk this fine line of being like, “There’s this person who can destroy me emotionally.” And the reality of it is that you do that to each other sometimes. And I think that learning how to bounce back from that is what makes a relationship stronger, or what breaks a relationship apart. I needed to [make this album] ‘cause in processing this stuff right now in my life, I’ve been going so many times, “Is this something I should be giving up or is this something I should be fighting hard for?” And that confusion on that question has come up in our marriage. Being on the other side of that, I feel like it’s always better to work through things. I think dealing with that was really why the record came out.