Atmosphere to Release ‘Fishing Blues’

Atmosphere will release Fishing Blues on August 12th. They’ve released a video for the single, “Ringo.”

Track Listing

  1. Like A Fire
  2. Ringo
  3. Besos
  4. Pure Evil (feat. I.B.E)
  5. Perfect
  6. Seismic Waves
  7. Next To You (feat. deM atlaS)
  8. The Shit That We’ve Been Through
  9. When The Lights Go Out (feat. DOOM & Kool Keith)
  10. No Biggie
  11. Everything
  12. Chasing New York (feat. Aesop Rock)
  13. Sugar
  14. Fishing Blues (feat. The Grouch)
  15. Won’t Look Back (feat. Kim Manning)
  16. Anybody That I’ve Known
  17. Still Be Here
  18. A Long Hello