Bowling for Soup

Bowling For Soup Acoustic Album Track Listing

Bowling for Soup will release an acoustic album, Acoustic in a Freakin’ English Church, on December 16th. The track listing for the album can be found below.

Track Listing

  1. Me With No You
  2. Almost
  3. A-Hole
  4. 2113
  5. Since We Broke Up
  6. The Bitch Song
  7. Last Call Casualty
  8. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
  9. Emily
  10. Two Seater
  11. A Friendly Goodbye
  12. Envy
  13. Goodbye Friend
  14. All Figured Out
  15. Punk Rock 101
  16. A Really Cool Dance Song
  17. If You Come Back To Me
  18. Turbulence
  19. 1985
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