Brand New Set at High & Low Fest

Brand New performed at High & Low Fest last night. A bunch of fans stayed up and watched fan shot live streams while chatting in the forum last night. You can find the full setlist below, re-read the fan reaction in the forum, and download the set via Brand New Archive.

If that’s a variation of the “goodbye” set, holy hell, it’s just about perfect. Also, pretty cool to see Kevin Devine up there on stage playing with the band. He harmonizes perfectly.

Set List

  • Lit Me Up
  • Gasoline
  • You Won’t Know
  • 137
  • Out of Mana
  • Can’t Get it Out
  • Sic Transit Gloria
  • I Will Play My Game …
  • You Stole
  • At the Bottom
  • In the Water
  • Same Logic/Teeth
  • 451
  • Degausser
  • Sowing Season
  • Jesus
  • Soco Amaretto Lime