Charly Bliss Share Reality Show

Charly Bliss have posted up their reality TV spoof Ignorance is Bliss on YouTube.

Today NYC’s Charly Bliss (Eva Hendricks, Sam Hendricks, Spencer Fox and Dan Shure) announce a huge headline show at Scala. It follows their triumphant sold out gig at a The Garage, only their second show in London, that celebrated the release of their highly anticipated second album, Young Enough.

The band have also shared the pilot episode of their incredible reality TV spoof Ignorance Is Bliss, which was originally part of their CBTV live channel, a 24 hour broadcast via YouTube, dedicated entirely to the band.

The hour long show, in the vein of Vanderpump Rules or Made In Chelsea, finds a fictional “Charly Bliss” in Brooklyn as tensions come to a head, with Eva, Dan, and Sam confronting Spencer over his lack of commitment to the band. It’s an impressive testament to the band’s creativity, with bassist Dan Shure filming and editing.